All about wire on head…

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so now im talking about hair!!
remember i write about having permanent perm in the previous post?
i’ve postpone my plan for that
coz i found a good solution for my hair in this vy difficult stage!
and im in love with the hair style coz its easy breezy to manage and style
how do you think??this better or this
i personally love the new one of coz..hehe
so now imma show u how i do this

Step #1
after wash ur hair bow ur hair with a round comb sorry i dunno what its actual name
see im alone at home no body help me to take pic while im blowing my hair
but basically is like that u blow like those hair stylist blow lar..haha im talking crap
i mean blow according to the curl u desire for with hot wind
then cool wind to lock and set the curl
this is what my hair stylist told me!not i simply make up story wan k

Step #2
then ill clip it with the hair curler
its pink and its from etude vy vy useful for me lar
haha..ill normally wear it and im applying makeup so when makeup done my hair is done too..

Step #3
of coz the only the hair curler is not enough to lock the curl for even 1 hour
so what i do is curl it with hot curler
only curler the end round is enough
coz i only wan it to look natural abit

Step #4 in love with center parting nowadays
it make my face look smaller
haha..such a ugly pic camera is in bkk now with my mum
so my dad’s camera is territory by me!!

Step #5
which is the last step
style it with wax for anything help to cock ur curl
mine is loreal craft mat
i’ve been using it for like 1 and half year!!!
still got more than half left! worth buy!
oh ya its suitable for man too!!even ney love it so much…

no no not finish yet
haha the final last step! camwhore!a must hahha
front view…i think this hair make me look bit younger..
ya im still cant face the fact that im gonna reach 23 already!
side profile
saw my little hat???i got it from Qlosophy!
so cute can…but no gut to wear it out im too old to dress that cute!


okay end
hope you like my hair!hahhaa..perasan me…
back to work..:(

8 thoughts on “All about wire on head…

  1. i like both.. shit, u made me wanna go buy a curler now.. i wanna open middle parting too, but my fringe still short and i’m gonna look like <>elliot<> 😦

    thanks for sharing 😉


  2. ney:hehhe..luckily u think this one nicer!!!

    sarah: arh mean u dun like the center parting ar?

    sasha:yayya i love it so much!!!!but still not dare to wear it out for shopping hahah since i dun hv any special occasion to attend!

    cryst: haha..go n get one then when ur hair a cheap one like mine for 30 ahah..if u dun scare ur hair spoil..haha…cheapo me


  3. please lar whr got old wor!with ur face u still can cheat eat and drink another 10 year!haha! i love new one! longer will be nicer keep it up to let it grow longer! luv u


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