Miss Q

last Tuesday after work i get to meet Shevin! ya she the Miss q
owner of Q-losoph *click*
since ney left for India im avoiding all the outing after work..
but hehe..meeting her is exception k!!
saw the big bag she’s carrying?
she bring me good stuff from oversea
no pic of us in pasta de gohan coz we are too busy chatting while eating!
right after dinner all the shop closed
so we head to toilet for changing session haha
eventually the toilet is half closed too…
so coincidence can? we both get a similar bag from different places
showing off our bag..hahhaa
i told u im crazy over black and white stripes these days
us again…
haha..we end up goi back late all the shops lift are close
its so dramatic for me i walk all the way to the lift that i take when i reached
but it was closed then i go to the near by one and yet its closed
i was worrying coz i dun remember the lot i park my car
and i end up using the farest lift to reach the floor
and seacrh for my car…Thanks God finally i found and noe wht? i forget to pay for parking
argh…after pay i cant find my car key pulak
hahaha..yaya im that dramatic!
okie outfit of the day
Biker jacket: Stockist, MNG white singlet, Velvet Ribbon Graffiti skirt, Taiwan Spree grey legging, Friendship studded flat!

ok now
im gonna show u girls what great deal i get from Miss q
a pair of masquerade earing! since i only have one side of ear hole
im turning another one to a ring sooner..hehe
the quality is so good can..hehe love it..
Noe what she got peplum mini!! cant resist peplum so definitely i get one of em
it fit me so well and i love the length coz i found peplum somethings is too long for me
but this piece is just nice and the mini is really fitting!
oh ya the peach ruffles top!!nice mah??its Trendreports upcoming collection!!
ruffles shelves top…. mini dress *for me*
hahha im small like that..nude pink or peach color is my current favorite!
saw the lining its nude pink!!!
its nice to wear with tutu and my new flat!hahaha…

how how my new flat nice not????
go for casual? instead of off shoulder that it look nice that way too..
Thanks Shevin for bringing me all these gorgeous stuff!!!love them so much!!!
girls she had very limited piece of each design so grab them fast ya!!!
stay tune on her new updates!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!!!
Stay Healthy and set free from alcohol and cigarette
God bless you~

7 thoughts on “Miss Q

  1. omgoshhh i LOVE YOUR SHOES! all three, the friendship (sooo cute!) ones, the heels and the flats! <33
    i want to steal from you hehe! 😛
    can't wait for Q-losophy's update! 😀


  2. ney: Thanks for msg to him!haha..he look kinda surprise when he read it!

    anonymous: hello there..thanks!! im not the versatile still!! haha trying to be


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