My sun..

hehe…yeah my bestie is here..
we use to meet for every shopping trip in JB
she is my best shopping partner..
since my family shifted to kl 3 year ago we are like niu lang and zhi nu
we only get to meet each other once a year when she is back from Sabah for holiday!
and she was with me last weekend!!
indeed it was so suddenly for k! though she did tell me she will come
but never say when and last thursday she text me telling me im coming tomorrow
i tot she was joking and she really come the day after
and our gathering end so suddenly too!!argh…
the night she reached
we together-gether watch our favorite talk show! Kangxi..hehe
and we had our pillow talk and sleep together!
i miss that already!?
and we start our shopping journey the next day!!
camwhore in fitting room is a must!
so love this dress from F21!
im now in airport craz..hahha
cuz seldom got chance for me to wear dressie so i set my next dress occasion is
next month my visit to airport to fetch ney
hahha..ya he’s coming back early then schedule! so another 3 weeks HE IS BACK
i plan to wear one of my dress that i get from Tea & sympathy
but i really cannot tahan not to wear this cute thingy
so im finding alternative dress for me to airport!!im that crazy can!!haha
and brounght sun sun to ney favourite Taiwan’s snack at Sunway
she love this lu rou fan so much!!!
and i realize my dear is so serious and quiet when come to eating!!!
she just eat eat eat without single word out from her mouth
not to forget outfit of the day
oversize batwing singlet: Stockist
F21 studded Belt and cluth wear as sling
mini skirt underneath: forget
HEeLS!: Trendreports
so love this heel can wanted to get it so long
but most are pre-order and Thanks God i found it from the supplier!!
then sun sun follow me to church for meeting and services!!
Thanks sun sun for ur willingness… night we head to Daiso in IOI i wanted to go there for awhile already
but always no chance…and we was there digging cool japan stuff end up buying nth!
then come our shoe fight…haha padini was having their member day
20% discount was giving out for members only!
and its was so coincidence that sun meet one of her form 6 friends in the mall
haha..we are so desperent wanting the discount so we the muka tebal borrow the card from her friend
and yeah!!!money saved!!

we continue our shopping on sunday!!
i hv to admit im OLD!?!? im no longer that energetic in shopping
i felt so tiring can and not much photo taken that day..
can u see the tiredness in me?!??haha
our yellow orangey food and drink..haha y ar?
and guess what i get another pair of shoe again from vincci!
again member card borrow from a random malay lady..thanks mak cik!!
we end our day earlier..coz not enuf bullet and so so exhausted!!
sun’s buy hahaa…lot right..i love that BELT lar!!!!
cant wait to go back jb to shop at our fav city square..haha..
thanks girl for the day…love you~~
enjoy ur holiday!!!
pair of shoe that we brought from vincci!!
dunno y everything we will surely buy one pair of same flat!!
and this time we exchange coz we love both black and white..
its call our friendship shoe!
outfit on monday blue before sending sun to her friend’s place
Blazer, B&W stripes singlet, velvet mini skirt, and our friendship shoe!!
im so crazy about black and white stripes!! all thx to vivi
Marina is back!! i use to have 4 or more stripes in long, short shelves
but dunno where of em went..and crazy me brought another 2 last week
selling off one of them..interested???contact me!

what a tiring week!! i not yet hv a good sleep until today…
so lifeless.. and no direction…
argh..God guide me in my life, my work and my spiritual life..
burn back my passion in YOU!!
*pray for me*

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