my Secret….

as request…
hehe finally i did a full makeup steps of mine
this is what i do for like shopping or outing
for everyday working i only for something basic and simple
so here come the my make up steps…ill do everything in point form
kinda lazy to write..

1. Apply a (Etude spot cover) /c(Elianto concealer) on dark eye circle or any spot u wanna cover..
2. D (Etude Baby Skin Foundation) on the face to make your skin tone even
3. B (Etude shimmer canmake powder) on nose, side cheek, to give abit highlight and sharpen face feature..

1. Apply a(Majolica peach blusher) on the cheeks bone steep and b on cheek and abit of highlight on nose and jaw
2. difference of really important to me
if not ill look really pale like sick

1. Curl eye lashes with c
2. Apply mascara b for volume and curly lashes
3. C on the lower lashes coz c have a comb brushes which is or lashes extension
4. After how??
diff right..

sorry malas to take pic of the actual product
1. apply a on the end of the eye and eyebone..
2. apply b on the eye
3. c evenly on top of 2 remember to follow eye shapes ya!
4. Draw the eyeliner till half of lower eye lip

::Hair, Fake lashes & Contact Lens::
i love my hair curled now coz this length is really disaster!
so i prefer to curl it and style it with wax
for fake lashes and lens which i dunno how to take pic for..haha
so just see the different!!
haha…ney i noe u say u prefer me without make up right?!?!

i find great stuff from Etude again!!!
and gift it to my mum as Mothers day present…
haha u guess how i noe its work great ??!because im using it everyday..shhh..
BB magic cream: so suit lazy people like me its combination of sunblock, foundation and moisturize fit so well with my natural skin tone i dun even need to apply canmake powder after apply it!!
02 White spot: for my mum hehe..this one i din use coz i dun hv spot to cover..
Peach Tint Blushes: which i love love love the most!!! its not a blushes come in powder form but it look like lipstick in fact!! imagine put on lipstick on ur cheeks??!haha.. but it work so natural can and stay so long!! after work my blushes still perfectly on..its a must buy!
Then is free gift as always…their not-yet launched bb cream which is more moisturize as they told me…

okie do u realise i long time din camwhore d ar?
haha..yayaya..bear with me
just 3 scroll down as fast as ur finger can do in case u dun wan to see my face!
im goi for permanent perm soon!
what do you think?

hehe..tml my camwhore partner is coming!!!cant wait cant wait..
its so suddenly can..she text me yesterday and comingTODAY! how efficient is my bestie

18 thoughts on “my Secret….

  1. i like how u perm your hair! very natural and also japanese~hehe..nice nice!!! XD

    oh u're going for permanent perm?digital perm or what dear?can they make it exactly like how we use thong?sometimes the result is different from what we want and that's really frustrating >.<


  2. aiyoyo my japanese friend! u look so japanese after make up! good step im gonna follow all the step and make up in front of my pc!haha! mayb u can teach how to put falsie? so wanna learni


  3. i get what you meant with your hair. mine is also quite disastrous esp on a bad hair day. i actually wanted to perm but i don’t have enough hair and afraid that i might turn out looking older. haha. but yours is really nice!! hopefully your hairdresser doesnt screw up.


  4. owwwhwhwhwh~ finally~ hehee
    yeaaah i use MJ’s eye shadow n mascara too! the eye shadow is exactly wit urs one! the colour is so natural n sparkling~ love it so so much~ n i love the way u perm ur hair!!!!! *envy* i m still learning on it 😦 hehehe nice post!


  5. sasha: really?? i scare i look abit old in that permed hair ler!!haha..

    yaya i dunno but my hair stylist suggest just body perm with big curl will do i oso dun really noe how it turn out to be…yaya that what i scare!!

    ashley: haha my funny friend! falsie ar kinda har u should watch xiaxue’s tutorial lar!haha

    Sarah:yaya its just so fustrating hv to spend lotsa time blow and style!!haha ya that’s what i scare too and still wondering should i go for it ornot!! but my hairdresser like vy confident about it!!

    Tommyzine: hey guy im not expect in that wor..some more i dun hv male model to practice on!!wht u mean tak boleh?goi to die ar hahaa!! jk

    Thanks ya!

    Sherlyn: haha..yaya i love that worth right! me too still learning how to make it nicer!!gambateh together ya..hahha


  6. i love how u style your hair babe! 😉 which curling iron dya use? i’m planning on getting one but not sure which is a better buy and *sigh* i srsly dunno how to curl my hair-lah! at this length it’s so difficult to maintain!! 😦

    and yesss… i dig MM too! 😉


  7. Beverly: thanks girl!ya..i hope it helps too

    Blogger Towards healthy and leisure life: hello there, really girl are troublesome like that..hehe cheapo curler have no brand, i get it from one of the night market at bangkok!yalo this length is a disaster..argh


  8. hi kim. help.. i was just wondering do you have any problems with makeup melting?
    cos each time i makeup, after few hours, i will look like a panda (liner/mascara drop to undereye area). but i’m in an aircon room all the time so i don’t think it’s because of the heat.. so i think its caused by my fringe.. do you face such problems too?


  9. jacinta: hello sweetie, make up melting haha of coz!! my bf use to say im 3 in person if u c me from morning to night!!haha get wht i simply because our face produce oil that melt our make up away!! for fringe especially!! wht i do for make up is bring compact powder with me all the times and use a foundation that fit/suit ur skin condition..diff foundation fit diff skin type ya!since i use bb cream no problem on that alreay!mayb for me only..for fringe whenever im in the office ill clip on my fringe! that’s wht i do..hehe hope it helps ya!!


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