Peplum…my fav!!!

im so in love with this skirt from tea & sympathy
at the 1st glance when naomi post her this piece of art work on her site!!!
u noe i dun even bother to read anything else
and rush to her shop the day after to grab e skirt
so crazy right me? and from what i didn’t read
she actually mention that this skirt will only launch on 30th April!
and from that day onwards i mark down 30th of april is the big day and waiting for it to become mine!
its worth waiting!!! although its not really my size..
the smaller size still doesn’t fit me well
guess what none of the high waist skirt fit me! but i have safety pin wht….
hehe..ya u noe my secret already huh! safety pin is my best friend
seriously every piece of my skirt have at least one safety pin attached..
and cover it with belt…
Outfit of the day
Black Collar: Tea and Sympathy
Gret tank top: Dorothy Perkins
Black Clincher: online blogshop
Peplum skirt: Tea and Sympathy
Assorted Bracelet: Bangkok
and guess what!!! i finally tried Krispy Kreme!!
im always not a fan of donuts
that reason y im so keen to try it because it taste so good the 1st time i ate it…
from my dad who brought it back from london!
and i never forget the 1st taste…
the choice is lesser but all look vy tempting!!!
peplum5 partner in crime!
and me with the donuts..
we brought a dozen
half of them is original..

er..its kinda too sweet for me
both of us think that its really diff from wht my dad brought back last time
did they eventually change the taste ar??

so er.. i guess im still not a fan of donuts….

next update: Make up tips from me..
thanks munmun for requesting this topic..i really nid suggestion from u what u wanna read from kiminpink!! gimme more idea so i can update more often!

Blessed Birthday to my neyney!!!!
1st year we cant celebrate together….love you baby..:D
Enjoy ur bd in India..ehhee…

7 thoughts on “Peplum…my fav!!!

  1. wah..honestly i dunno the skirt is that nice wei…and the overall outfit of this post is nice osoooo!
    and bout the comments XD


  2. hey pretty girl! nice blog u have here! will introduce your blog to my girl friends they sure will like it!Good luck to u



  3. ney: neyney oso say nice ar!!! did u rmb that price i told u b4?? anyway u wun like the donuts as well…hehe

    anonymous: hello there..thanks for the compliment! ya i love the look too..lookbook?ya i have but not vy active..

    willson: hey, thanks for promoting for me 1st ya!!


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