High up sky!

this weekend past so so so fast for me
i dun even have a nice sleep and rest!*sleepy*
but i Thank God for that coz i enjoy everything i take part in!!
and i hv more more more to blog about just the matter of time i have to blog
guess what..are that???!?
its a jet plane controller..
thanks to Gideon, our church member who use to drive us thru and flo from cyberjaya to church every saturday
rather than diving us he drive us up on sky this time!really thanks him for this opportunity
Gideo our pilot and Mic tang…before we take off…
actually there are some drama before we can fly
the radio receiver is not working..but Praise the Lord He repair it for us
if not haih…. i nth to blog about this..
since its a small jet only 4 person is allowed in one flight
we are the passenger!! mic tang, Eugene and me( arh y my face look so big ar?)
nvr imagine i can take this kinda pic!!
we fly thru kl, sri hartamas, kepong, batu carve and see abit of genting
in not more then half an hour! its so near to all the places with plane!!
im more clear of kl map now!! hehe..ney u should come so ur direction will be better!!
when we are on board i really thanks God for giving us this nation this land!
earth is so unexplained…where come the tree, the mountain, the sea and we the human?
could’t be we just pop out like tat right
its simply because God create us create all these for us
we are His creation!
Thanks God for this wonderful experience!!

P.s: Happy Mother day to mummy especially mine! love ya mum..:D

11 thoughts on “High up sky!

  1. 故意让人羡慕的Blog。

    “earth is so unexplained…where come the tree, the mountain, the sea and we the human?”


  2. walau! y u got so many diff types of friend geh! not much ppl will hv that kind of experience ler, wht the diff ar same as normal plane or what? helicopter izzit?


  3. Latalitalitampom:有时要想很久才知道你是谁。。 哈哈!
    对啊!你这个人很讲究人生, 你的特别回忆应该更多更多吧!

    yinle: hahaha church got lotsa diff bro and sis mah!! its a small jet not helicopter lar my dear!

    寒雨:ya!! wan it again..ehehe..thanks girl for e comment


  4. ahah!paiseh my friend miss yinle dun read properly! nice ler!when i got a rich husband i will bring u again up on sky!haha~ if lar, u wait patiently


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