My virtual business…

hello people..hehe..
sometimes i really think my blog is kinda dry and boring
i noe u’re nodding ur head right now right ??!?
arh..sorry i really dunno wht else could i share other than my outfit, outing and life
but but but…
a sudden though hit me today..
that y not blog about my virtual business…
im so so thankful to the person who create online shopping…
because he/she let me to fulfill my part of dream earlier…
for those who dunno my dream! or in fact its mine and sunsun’s (my bestie) dream
hehe..ya a boutique..a dream that we both share in this 10 years…
ok let’s start…
maybe lotsa my friend dunno i join one of my ex-housemate in uni
in their online accersories shop…call Mystic in my beta year which is 2001
we sell all kinda korea imported accersories like this online
by the time blogshop haven’t been invented..but we promote our stuff at forum
ya lowyat one of them..
business was good!!hehe..but im actually not contributing much..*guiltiness*

after that..i successfully influence ney to come out with some modal
for me to start my 1st online boutique.. was funny called 20km..there is story behind this name one k!
did i mention i love to doll people up..haha
my official model..who is my sister…like doll right..
hope she wun kill me of posting this pic up..
when she is not in the mood..i’ll had to be the model..
that’s me in case u cant recognize..chubby chubby me
and coz of assignment and project in uni..i stop this part time..
and concentrate being a student and a shopper…

but but but! story never end here!
mmu student is forced to take a subject call cyberpreneurship
which required us to start our own business..
read here and here for more detail…
so 8 of us start Phlox Studio
partnership is fun…coz there is someone else to share ur burden…
enjoying the times we do business together..
have booth at school, joining bazaar, and replying email together..
haha..together mean we reply at few email once to a same customer..
that’s wht we always do!

and there times when we go to the supplier
and i saw smth really really nice..but over our budget!
and i still cant resist it..ill buy on my own behalf..
girls that when i stock in blazer and drop crotch!
and i only share it with people in my private mailing list..haha..
sarah i get to noe u from there right!
again..styling up my personal use model!

haha..i tell u blazer is powerful!
and drop crotch i actually found it in my wardrobe last week
those which i restocked and lazy to sell!
and clear it in dotty dots few days ago..thanks girls!

and now im crazy over
Trendreport and dottydots
marina blue
sorry for not updating…work is pulling me back from this..
weekend is too short for do other things than sitting at home
but in fact..u girls must be seeing me kinda active in my pre-love blog huh
Dotty dots
coz im broke as u noe! shop too much from the beginning of the year
big hug for those who brought my pre-love!!big bear hug to u!
but i always regret selling em off right before i packaging those clothes out for shipping…
arh..y me like that..
however u girls save my life!hhaha…my wardrobe is now clean and fill with recent buy only
and im on shopping ban from now on..which suppose to be from last post too naughty..i did it again!
yesterday..i brought another skirt..haha..
ok ok saving need to service and polish and repair this week!
repair?? ya my neighbor accidentally scratch my moo moo
how dare he!!! 1st injury…haih…im that unlucky

oh ya a conclusion of my virtual business..paiseh im so random today
i enjoy doing business!!! especially when customers love what they received!!
im not only do it for earning!! but sharing loves k…

oh ya im starting another online business/services sooner!!
in fact im doi it secretly now
will reveal to u soon…:D

blessed week! God is my all time provider…

5 thoughts on “My virtual business…

  1. haha!im first as always!even me never noe u on and off so many online business before huh! so what next?cant wait to noe!shh~tell me secretly


  2. mooooo..moooo..mooo mooo hurt liao T_T let's get another real moo moo from india to you ..haha..hopefully everything is handle by God in this week's activities yea since you got to do so much things alone >.< ' so sorry cant contact wiv u for the time being coz oweys got problem in between >.< bear with me..luv yea.


  3. ash: haha..coz u’re my one and only faithful reader!!love u! haha..u dunno meh?? i remember everytime ill ask u to buy things from me wan ler!
    erm..wait we met in msn lar!

    ney: yalo! haih..hv to spend extra money on that sm more! nid lar..u keep urself thr lar! no worries ney!im growing stronger and stronger! love u too:D


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