Self Control..

i think i really need to self control right after i get my pay check yesterday
i suddenly realize i have so little income..hahha
ya im working now i got my own salary and extra to spend
but..i hv burden to bear too…not as serious as a family but my own loan
car loan, study loan and credit card loan!!
its remind me of confession of a shopaholic….
i dun wan to turn out to be like her
i need saving..for my “dream”
i need to sort out money for tiths and offering
i need extra money to contribute a little to my family
just dunno y when i saw something i like…
ill get plenty of reason for myself to owning it
thought like: never mind lar kim u still have extra money to spend,
you’re doing freelance what use that money to pamper urself,
when i have not enough cash…slash your card 1st some more can pay end of the month,
there evil in me keep fight with the holy spirit to spend my money like water..
and guess what i hv the most ridiculous argument in me yesterday when im at tea & sympathy
“wei tomorrow is labor day what you should gift urself a gift!!!!”
when i back home looking at this most expensive skirt i had ever brought with that reason
im asking myself what wrong with me…
but anyway i still love this skirt so so so much!!!!!haha…
i brought a skirt and a dress yesterday…right after i get my pay check
i rush to t & s after work..
as promise show you my shameless buy these 2 week
from velvet ribbon: graffiti zipper skirt, black peplum dress and nude tutu, f21 white sheer acid wash tee, Doronty Pepkins grey basic tank, Blogshop waist clincher, cyan velvet flat,
and yesterday 1 dress and skirt from t & s…
kaelynn that made me cancel the bag order!!but i still love it k…
if im good girl enough within this month ill order it from u b4 u get back k?
please let me do so ya…

arh…self control self control!!!!
holy spirit direct me to read some article about how God say self control this morning…
from here
Undoubtedly, self-denial, self-sacrifice and self-control are inextricably linked in Christian life; each is part of our duty to God. Yet human nature exerts a persistent and sometimes very strong force away from God, as

Romans 8:7 clearly shows: “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be.”

It is this force that each Christian must overcome. Controlling ourselves, denying human nature its impulse to satisfy its desire, and even sacrificing ourselves are necessary if we are to stop sinning as a way of life. When we add the concepts of self-denial and self-sacrifice to our understanding of self-control, we can see more easily how large a role self-control plays in the Bible.

On the surface, being a Christian appears easy to do, in as much as a Christian is basically a man that trusts in Jesus Christ. No one is more worthy of our trust, and He is fully able to bring us into the Kingdom of God. But this is a mere surface observation. The truth is that being a Christian can be very difficult because the real Christian is one who, because he trusts Christ, must set his heel upon human nature within him and subordinate the appetites of his flesh and the desires of his mind to the aim of pleasing Him. No wishy-washy, irresolute, vacillating, lukewarm, disorderly and unrestrained Christian will please his Master and glorify our Father.

sin confession..
i dun live like a chirstian that Christ-like in financial controlling…when come to shopping
i’ve been conquer by the devil fully..i dun listen to holy spirit..
haih..why am i like that…

anyway Happy Labour to all…
i love public holiday!!!!!
time to reflect myself at home….:D

with love, kim

13 thoughts on “Self Control..

  1. what time did you go to t&s? didn't manage to see you! i also spent a lot there but it was worth it. the things are amazing!

    sigh, i am also spending a lot for shopping and my acc is depleting. i think the only way for me to save is to cut shopping all together cos i am really not a buy one piece in one shop kinda person -___-.


  2. Sarah: hello girl, u’re back from korea already??how was the trip??im the last customer that day! went there right before noami’s mum close the shop..hhaha..ya the stuff are so good in quality and Gorgeous!!!

    let’s ban shopping together gether!!! arh..mean u always buy more than a item in one shop?


  3. Beverly: sometimes really cant help right..haih..

    nana: arh..for me too much d ler..since i just start work..haha really all are not that expensive i think..:D


  4. well u should shop, but put aside part of your money for shopping. Don’t tell me you shouldn’t enjoy the fruits of your labours :D. God told us to enjoy our labours. Don’t overspend and overbudget, that would be a better way of spending and spend it well :D.


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