Random updates II

**update with random #5

again im out of topic
no outfit post coz im so no mood to dress up this week
since its another busy week in work!! deadlines!!!right??special guest??
hahha..how’s laundry today?

Random #1
kisiao couple episode one
me and ney use to chat in gmail in office hour
coz he is using linux so browser chatting is more convenient
this is one of our conversation which i found damn kisiao

ney: bb, ney so tired
bb: why ler? u sleep late ar
ney: no, yesterday i dream of driving roller coaster..drive here and there untill now vy tired
bb: ….
bb: i have a kisia boyfriend
bb: did you dream of me yesterday in that dream which u’re driving roller coaster?
ney: no wor…
bb: but i think im in that dream lo!!seriously
ney: why ler?
bb: coz im damn tired too!
ney: hahhaha..i have a kisio girlfriend

maybe you’re not finding it funny but its like…hahha..we are random and siao liao tat…

Random #2
i found out one thing a very serious problem!!!
i met some one that we knew each other for 2 years plus
but we noe the existing of each other although we seldom meet or chat
but when i like say hi to them after years of not seeing each other!
they facial expression was like who are you?lotsa question mark in their eyes
there was this guys come to office for interview session!
im like so happy to meet someone i noe and so friendly saying HI and giving big smiley face to him expecting to be greeted the same
what i get was:” er. i come for interview…”
he tot im just a friendly admin i think
anyhow ill still being friendly!! please if some one say hi to you say Hi pun lar!
but but but
i think its rational for those who noe me in uni not reconize me !!
its reasonable! and forgiven!!!
who will recognize me who look like this few years back!!!
its really a struggle to put these pic out u noe!!
and these are only few i think i still look ok!!
i look so chubby no no is fat! rounded!! and ugly..
hahhaa…keep visiting me if u still wan to look at my pass!!hahhaa

Random #3
i got a new permanent passenger for moo moo!!
no im not doi carpool or anything!!
its moo moo spirit hahaha..sound scary huh
yeah is this super duper big moo siting in moo everyday!!!
thanks to my uncle!!he is so good to me
he actually gifted me 7 of these different kind of cow soft toys
but im paiseh haha..paiseh to take all somemore my car not mvp k!!! ahaha
so i only choose 3 of them and put 2 in moo moo
now my car are so happening can!!!who wan a ride..hhaha
he is so cute!! he is now sitting on my side with safety belt on
ahaha..thanks to shuwan idea!!!
sometimes i feel moo moo is famous then me!!
coz i often get text like
“hey kim, are you some where around XXX? i saw moo moo park here!!”
hahhaa..yaya whenever u spot moo moo im there!!hahaha

Random #4
i give all grace to GOD!!! wohoo…
remember i talk in this post??that im worrying about money and spending!!!
its end of the month!! im proudly announce that i have saving!!!
hahah..i manage to save some money for next travel!!
but i did aware myself with some shopping haha as usual!!
right after the final calculation
i planned my next bangsar trip tomorrow!!
and manage to grab some gorgeous stuff from Ugly Duckling!
show u my buy next week!!hehe…
im so happy…Thanks GOD!!! i love you

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9 (New International Version)

Random #5
my mum is in BKK now!!!
doi shopping behalf of me..ahhaa
ya we paid her to do some shopping for us with 3 pages of desire item printed for her to bring there as a reference!!
hope she can get something nice back and if possible ill share it with you in Trendreports k?
hhaha..i wanted to go so badly u noe..i dream of me hidden in her luggage
so i can go to bkk with her..hahhaa..im cravy desperately
but ended up now babysitting my sisters…argh…

wooky dooky..updates complete!!

To ney

p.s:go away if u dun wan to read any mushy mushy stuff k…i just feel to do something different than speaking in the phone or skype…and in madarin as well..haha…which i can express better




时间过得很快很快!没想到我们已经5个星期没见面了…真得很想你!幸好我记忆不错不然肯定把你的样子给忘了!我真的从来没想过我们可以这么这么久没见面!虽然现在已经有点点习惯了!习惯一个的生活,习惯没有你在的日子!!可是我还是比较习惯你在我身边, 每次都会很笨的问你可以现在回来吗?虽然知道不可能但是就是还要问。。。

想起第一个星期你离开过后的自己好好笑, 动不动就哭看到什么关于你的东西眼泪就会流。。可是现在你不用担心我了哦!我很好!什么都可以自己来, 去教会, 小组,开会,侍奉。。我都可以独立完成!是不是很乖? 有时真的很想念当初在cyber的两年, 每天粘在一起,每餐一起吃,什么都一起都不会腻。。好像回到过去。。不如我们继续念书啦??哈哈。。直到已经不可能。。也知道回忆永远都比较美。。

我还是很感谢主,让我们有这样一个考验,我真的觉得我们彼此的感情越来越好!变得比较成熟,更恩爱了!你觉得呢?还是是我自己自作多情? 至少我没有这么一来了。虽然才短短的几个星期,但是我学习到的功课很多。。还有最重要的!我真的觉得你是我想要一起走下去的那个人!你是个可以依靠可以信赖可以照顾我的那个人!!ney, bb真的真得很爱你!

一个人的日子,难过孤独害怕的时候我更加信靠主,祷告变多了懂得如何去管理自己的情绪学习让他来管理我的生命。 还记得有一次我问你在你心里谁排第一你想都不想就说主耶稣!我真的知道了!不管在什么时候上帝是那唯一不离弃我们的!


with love,


P.s.s: Translate version in the comment…:D

Miss Q

last Tuesday after work i get to meet Shevin! ya she the Miss q
owner of Q-losoph *click*
since ney left for India im avoiding all the outing after work..
but hehe..meeting her is exception k!!
saw the big bag she’s carrying?
she bring me good stuff from oversea
no pic of us in pasta de gohan coz we are too busy chatting while eating!
right after dinner all the shop closed
so we head to toilet for changing session haha
eventually the toilet is half closed too…
so coincidence can? we both get a similar bag from different places
showing off our bag..hahhaa
i told u im crazy over black and white stripes these days
us again…
haha..we end up goi back late all the shops lift are close
its so dramatic for me i walk all the way to the lift that i take when i reached
but it was closed then i go to the near by one and yet its closed
i was worrying coz i dun remember the lot i park my car
and i end up using the farest lift to reach the floor
and seacrh for my car…Thanks God finally i found and noe wht? i forget to pay for parking
argh…after pay i cant find my car key pulak
hahaha..yaya im that dramatic!
okie outfit of the day
Biker jacket: Stockist, MNG white singlet, Velvet Ribbon Graffiti skirt, Taiwan Spree grey legging, Friendship studded flat!

ok now
im gonna show u girls what great deal i get from Miss q
a pair of masquerade earing! since i only have one side of ear hole
im turning another one to a ring sooner..hehe
the quality is so good can..hehe love it..
Noe what she got peplum mini!! cant resist peplum so definitely i get one of em
it fit me so well and i love the length coz i found peplum somethings is too long for me
but this piece is just nice and the mini is really fitting!
oh ya the peach ruffles top!!nice mah??its Trendreports upcoming collection!!
ruffles shelves top…. mini dress *for me*
hahha im small like that..nude pink or peach color is my current favorite!
saw the lining its nude pink!!!
its nice to wear with tutu and my new flat!hahaha…

how how my new flat nice not????
go for casual? instead of off shoulder that it look nice that way too..
Thanks Shevin for bringing me all these gorgeous stuff!!!love them so much!!!
girls she had very limited piece of each design so grab them fast ya!!!
stay tune on her new updates!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!!!
Stay Healthy and set free from alcohol and cigarette
God bless you~