oh so pink

bear with me..haha..im still in missing mood..
at least we at least chat or phoned once a day
but im kinda use to be alone d..
meeting up friends is my next plan!!! hhahaha..wait for me ya!!u noe who u are right!
last sat we had a couple shoot at putrajaya
for our 3rd years anniversary in june..
since he’ll not alone by that time..so we take it earlier..
Thanks to xiao bai, your time, your camera and your effort!!
we owe you a treat!!!hahaa..

our fav pic of all!!!
so natural huh! tell you our photographer is awesome!!
he will make us laugh and catch the moments
most of the pic i look mimi..coz its too hot that day..
haha paiseh use smbody name!
we look so tall…haha..like bamboo..
another natural shoot…we actually dunno when he catch the moment
jumpie jump! i request it!hahhaa..
couple shoot can be fun too right??!?!?
i love you ney..we hold each other tighly the rest of our life k?

16 thoughts on “oh so pink

  1. kim!
    i do loves picture of you and your bf.
    they are cool ok. cantik 😉
    the 1st picture, omg! gorgeous, you look sooo pretty kim 🙂

    take care rite 😉


  2. Woo~~ N.I.C.E !! *double thumbs up*

    And i don’t mind being ur shopping partner crime for the next 3 months *shy*

    Hahahaha ~ Take k ! and b strong … *hugz*


  3. didi: thanks sayang..:D you too take care ya!

    Joanne: thanks to you too…ya photographer is good at getting natural shoot..

    yinle: haha..envy apa! miss you~thanks ya

    tommyzine: haha you always have the most gua chang respone!!hahaha..thanks

    cryst: haha thanks sweet, you’re so cute!

    lynette: thanks girl, really?? haha let’s meet up then!! you girls are just too nice to me!!luv ya!


  4. how lovely is that!!nice ler!!i love each one of them!! in the jump photo u cheat hor u din jump u just keep ur leg! haha, nice wei


  5. aiyoyo~~ ANTM ANTM! tyra bends is u le. nice fotos.

    and tommyzine u jealous, u go find xiaoying shoot ar. putra so near u both.


  6. Lolo / Lili / Lala donno use what name said:
    ur name long until i need to copy and paste it here!!!

    wei u watch??cycle 12 not so nice like ler!!

    and ya!!!i havent receive my RM500 from onefm!!! why ar?


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