i’ve vy vy vy busy with my work these day
so this post just to keep my blog alive…
from last week i nvr reach home b4 8 at night..
lotsa project on due date tomorrow, everyone is staying up late in office
im much luckier ..coz they even sleep in the office till next day!!
the latest i get home is 12, coz for them im a little girl..
hahha..they always treat me like little girl..which in a way is kinda good to me
but so far im getting use to the working environment and people around
they are so so so funny,sometimes i just cant stop laughing ..
yet i still face some problems in work

Problem 1:
i always got stuck in whtever work im doi when somebody is supervising at me
haha..i just dunno y sometimes simple things can become vy difficult for me infront of them
and will result more people come to my place and give me a hand for help!!
hahah..stupid me

Problem 2:
im still cant finish my lunch…but i figure out a way not to order wht i desire to eat
but something light but still fill my stomach like bread/toast, salad, noodles..
means i cant eat what i want..like spaghetti or set lunch or stuff!

Problem 3:
this is the biggest problem of all!hahah..when i finish my work
and i suppose to go home..i feel guilty should i ask for more job or i just go home like that
sometimes i did ask for more but at the end i regret,
coz it hold me till midnight to go home
sometimes im too lazy to ask too..and ill feel so so guilty for letting everyone behind
coz they are still stuggle with work!!
what should i do huh??

Problem 4:
i cant OT on Friday! i think i should really speak this out
coz i’ve to attend cell group…
like last friday was Good Friday,
im so so struggling whether to stay or leave to church!
i pray and just leave to church but still no peace in me..
coz i scare how Boss think of me..”so lazy ar this girl”
but hehe..no lar they dun treat me differently after that night

Problem 5:
i miss my mum cooks!! its been 2 weeks i nvr eat dinner with my family
it suppose to be a beverage of staying together with family
i’ve been spending my own money on dinner!!!
yala..OT sometimes boss belanja oso but haih..i still miss my mum’s dishes..

Problem 6:
i need time for myself!
i booked salon but cancel due to OT!!!
i nid shopping, since im vy fashion show everyday according to my college
but i still shop online..haha so happy i brought 3 skirt/dress today from velvet ribbon!
they hv awesome stuff..cant wait to get’em on hand

those are not big problem..ill soon overcome all these..
after ney gone..i’ve more times on work
counting down 3days..
these 2 weeks run like rockets..haih
Times flies…


9 thoughts on “Update…myself

  1. No wonder u ‘ve not been update your blog for the freaking 7 days, i miss ur post so much esp fashion thingy =p

    anyhoo, take k and happy working

    pst: remember to update ur blog more often


  2. haha!want to join in protest group! cheer up ya my love, u’ll soon get use to everything in work! we will support u behind u!muacksx


  3. tommy:haha..ya we are goi older!! Thanks pals..gambateh in ur final sem!!

    Lynette: haha..really sorry ya..okok next update will be on fashion k!*promise* gimme some times to get use to working life and ill back to blogging world!!

    ashley: haha u, outfit next post lar..love u too

    sherlyn: haha..ya so many right i got shock end up with writing so many problem..ya this week so busy many project rushing on..dun worry so much k..everyone will hv diff prob on work!Thanks..girl

    yinle: haha..Thanks thanks i love u too…let’s catch up in msn again!


  4. beh tahan tommyzine agreed with what “times flies”. ur time flies bcoz of the fb restaurant game.

    but i agreed v are getting older. but kim u older.

    common! donwan work liao. lets go bck study. = =


  5. problem 3 and 4 seems to be similar :D. A struggle about guiltiness of not striving the best and what other sees in our actions. Pray for peace la and balance between work, children of God and God Himself.


  6. lala from sg wang: haha..wht a long name!!!haha he is addicted again to smth again this times ar??yala yala i older lar.. u young!

    how i wish!!! my ambitious now is sit at home everyday!! haha..how wei da right!

    seowj: really, finally i noe some one have similar problem like me!!!ya what can i do is pray!!Thanks brother!


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