im gonna miss this!

i definitely gonna miss all this after next sunday!
coz he’s leaving!! really leaving this jokes!
after being so sticky to each other for 2 years in uni…
we find its really hard time for us when come to working life
of the fact tat we hardly meet on weekdays..
until now we have yet to overcome or use to this..and now
now! Now he is leaving me for 3 month!!
Pray hard i can survive!! i admit im that rely on him!
no one will call me everyday when im bored at work and at night b4 i go to bed,
no one fetch me to church to cellgroup! mean i hv to drive to church every friday and saturday back late at night!!!that’s scary!!! no one bring me for good food, no one take me for lunch when he’s on leave, no one acc me shopping, no one crap with me!
and most important no one help me to finish up my food! ill be wasting more food in this 3 month!
arh..u’ve become part of my life and im lossing part of my life in this coming month…
i cried when he had to leave me for 2 week years back, i dunno wht i will do this time
that’s the reason y im not goi to airport! im not goi to cry in front of his family!
ya im tat dramatic and dependence!
i always solute girls who have long distance relationship…
coz i seems to be not that kinda girl!
this will be the last dating post for the next 3 month!which something ill be really really miss
he always come to fetch me earlier and either waited me in the car or at my hse!
ill be driving all alone..sometimes i really hate driving..its just too tiring
he always hold my hand while driving!!
and wht can i hold next is just the cold gear stick
no more camwore without the safe belt
no one bring me for good food!!
ya we went Garden, 1u the theme!!
clean and nice interior just like full house (same management)
its such a nice place for couple
mix-fruit tea..
erm..i prefer flower tea more..but its kinda refreshing
Garden Fish and chips…
Red apple sorbet!! nice i love this dessert!
no one gonna share my food…

no one i can camwore with!!
or take pic for me!
love this pic!!thanks ney…:D
arh!! this the biggest prob for my blog!!!
no one take outfit photo for me
no outfit photo???!?!? im just not good in setting the timer for myself!
okie outfit
Black collar: Tea & sympathy, tuxedo tube top: Thifted, Tutu skirt:Trendreports,
Studded belt, Black Studded Clutch: F21, Same old heels…
*ignore the ugly background
no one suit me wearing the same color
or asking me what to wear b4 outing!
you’re just my cup of tea!!!!!
May God bless you and ur stomach in India..haha
i love u, ney…

gonna off to bed for tml morning ester service
Happy Ester people!
Thanks God for sending Jesus for us!!!
He’s the truth, the way and the light…

14 thoughts on “im gonna miss this!

  1. awh darling, 3 months is long.i will be ur side!dun worry!nice photo haha, so cute u both even wear same color tune out!sweetsnya


  2. gampateh gals~!tis is wat i worry too..i m oso the one who always rely on bf….sobsob but i think u can do it de!!! jia you jia you!!!3 months nia! very fast one! no problem de~ clip ur eyes in once then can over edi! ha :p wink


  3. theng: thanks girl!! thanks so much ya!! Joanne: ya i nid to be strong..but haih!! Thanks sweetsyinle: ya u noe 3 months is long huh! r u sure u’ll be my side??or some one else side? i actually force him hahaha…sherlyn: yalor…regret on being so rely! clipping my eyes vy hard now!!han yu: thanks sweets!! Thanks to all…hugs


  4. hey gal, sometime i do face this kinda problem as my hometown is penang and my bf work in kl n his hometown is at ipoh. i used to 2 months never meet him. wat i do to stop being so miss him n upset is keep myself bz. bz outing with frens, bz wiv family and bz wiv work too! jz keep urself bz then i guess u will not be so upset. i know u can do it..3 month not to say too long nor too short..but i belive time flies!! so very soon u’ll find when u open ur eyes u’ll see him right in front of u d 🙂 gambate!


  5. i definately understand how u feel. i used to work with my bf last time (same work place, same routine, meet everyday) and after a few mths he decided to be back working in his hometown. i was so lost and lonely when he left at first 😦 3 mths will pass by very fast without u knowing it, be strong 😉p/s: u can date me if u wan.. 😉


  6. shevin: ya good idea!!keep myself busy busy!!!then ill hv no time to miss him!hahha..Thanks girl!!you’re sweets!!Crystal:awh..seems like everyone have this problem huh!! let’s unite lonely girlfriend! really??!? i can date you??!?! so touch and warm to hear that, sweets!!!THanks..hugzz


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