Moo moo

Finally i’ve finallize everything in moo..
if u’re thinking im gonna repainting it to spray it into cow skin or anything like “somebody”
then sorry lar! im disappointing you!
who noe i might change my mind to tiger skin next year, according to my college
haha..then my car will change according the “Chinese lunar animal” every year!
haha..that’s crazy can..
so today!present you the inner part of moo moo…
the dashboard- i brought this cloth for like so so expensive!!!
so im gonna fully utilizes it!until i’ve nothing left now…
however it did bring me some trouble! see my mirror?im driving in cow skin vision
my dad drive till pening d haha…but im getting usual already
big handmade bow at the back mirror!!!this is the last piece of cloth…
moo11 matching right!! grass from ROOM..look vy refreshing to have something green
i even brought one in my office!!
i use this for perfumize moo moo!!haha..anna sui flairy perfume gift from sun sun last year!!
haha..paiseh lar sun, until i find my perfect refresher only i replace with it k…
my little moo moo syiling bag
his is bestie!!coz i need lotsa syiling nowadays for parking..
Cushion cover..Miliion thanks to my mummy…
She sew it for me!! its so fitting…especially for moo moo!!
another Moo moo handmade Seat Cushion
which gv ppl illusion that i look kinda taller while driving..haha..
Moo moo bean bag toys.. quite a good deal..coz its so soft and perfect for back rest too!
my pink polka ella..until now haven’t really get to use it yet!
God always provide me with great weather! although recently was raining day..
but im so blessed by the time i nid to get down from car! Rain Stop!!Praise the Lord!
another moo friend at the back to accompany my passenger!
ahhaa…he’s kinda lonely behind coz i seldom fetch people…

yeah done..more will be add!!gimme some times…
i love moo moo…he’s gonna accompany for few years…hopefully he will be healthy always!

7 thoughts on “Moo moo

  1. everything is cute, girl ‘s are meant to b like that!wonder if dragon year how u goi to decorate it!then ill be vy keen to see ur car every year!consider!


  2. theng: Thanks girl!yinle: ya my main purpose is avoid being same with others!hahaElson: Thanks, ya girl’s car wun be that empty as boy’s! haha dun keen coz u wun see the scene!


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