Before i turn into dead fish

tiring tiring…

what i wanna do next right after click on publish post button is to

jump on my bed and sleep immediately..

no movie next time after work hour..tiring ++

especially when movie end and tot of tml hv to wake up early for work.

arh..tat’s torturing!!

some more we start to rush on project d.. mean more work more stress!!!

anyhow Confession of a shopaholic is GREAT Movie!!!

Rebecca Bloomwood is so so cute..everything on her look so nice..

i’m proudly to said that im not that shopaholic..

coz today i get my pay check..yala for 1 weeks only

went to topshop..end up nothing again!!! those are mine hard earn money k..

cannot just spend like that..if my mom noe this she definitely would proud of me..hahah

okie upload smth at work..but not abt work..

haha…forgive sleepy person..they dunno wht they talking/typing about

Happy Belated birthday to dayang the quiet boy and ling the sound artist!!

my company have this tradition of celebrating everyone birthday…

boss is so supportive can..

he actually called both of them and 2 of the college for meeting at his office…

then suddenly Rose came to ask for help for the birthday cake..

then we bring the cake into their meeting..haha…so weird..

half way meeting all of us squeeze into the room

<img src="; alt="

ahhaa..c the tiny little not ketekut k..haha..

then of coz the fake meeting is end..we all go to the relax room for makan session

haha..we 12 person actually share this little cake..imagine

and its only something to play fool on them..

<img src="; alt="

this is the actual cake..yummy!!its ice-cream cake!!

like n year never eat ice-cream cake d…

<img src="; alt="

the birthday boys…like cutting wedding cake huh..

after cake eating and usual photograph session!!

<img src="; alt="

take too much d..cant show one by one..boss reject some of those “un-high” pic

and ask us to take again and again..haha

and guess what..birthday boy dun hv pressie..but we those who dun join the company trip

get present from everyone who went!!!

<img src="; alt="

Thanks’re guys are sweets…:D

i set theme on my outfit everyday..haha..

yesterday was rock-n-roll!!

<img src="; alt="

pvc jacket, Zara statement tee, Trendreports studded belt, acid wash jean BKK, Bracelet F21

another one for today…movie outing right after work..

Theme: princess ballet

<img src="; alt="

top Chatuchak, Room0808 tutu, BKK heals, and moo moo as background…

finally i’ve done decrote it…will update sooner

im praying to be the light and good testimony in my company…pray for me k..hehe..

these days i really heard alot cases that if others noe that u’re a Christian they give high expectation on you…when you do little bit wrong..then u’re getting into trouble

there one case that my daddy who is not a christian have a Christian boss whom he hate so much..with they way he do things and communicate..and my dad will always end up words like some more say himself a christian? y ar can Christian be like this meh??

and my college noe im a christian..mayb same things goes to im gonna think of God 1st before i do/say anything!!

God bless you…


8 thoughts on “Before i turn into dead fish

  1. is the pic taken at the mines? just guessing.. and yes, people seems to put higher expectations on Christians, don’t know why :Sit’s nice that you talk bout God off and on in your blog. you never know how encouraging it is 🙂 at least to me it is! 🙂


  2. shasha: hey girl..haha the car park really look like the mines’s huh..but no wor..its actually taken at MV…ya people always gv high expectation on Christians..haih..Thanks too gv me encouragement to write more about my Christian life!!THanks so much..luv ya!!! Beverly: Thanks girl..ur miyaki is way cuter!!!Cheddarina: Hello sweetie, Thanks for visiting!!ar..ya Chatuchak is not tat safe huh!Anyway Nice to meet you~


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