My daily dosage…

make up being so usual and norm in my life..
especially when i start to work
but only those basic stuff lar..
so today just wanna share wht i use for my daily make up
1 step: foundation…im a huge fan of etude house ..
hehhe so u will b seeing lotsa etude product in my makeup couch
from the left etude pore concealer(seldom use), elianto concealer (so cheap can and it stay quite long time), Dream on Pact powder (love the shimmering!!), Etude Baby Skin Base (Soft and natural foundation)

2 step: for e eye part…somethings i only go for simple eyeliner vy seldom apply eye shadow..
but however i will use the beige shimmer for highlight on the eye bone!
Kate deep eye shadow palate (i always love smokey brown), Etude Liquid eyeliner, maybeline shimmer…

3 step: haha..i have more than blusher that shown in the pic!but of coz not using all in once lar..
i just dunno y i love to buy blusher..i hv 8 blusher set..
from the picture taiwan forth color blusher and highlighter set, majolica and canmake cheek and highlight(abit too glittering for me..but the highlight work vy well!)

4 step: eye details..mascara and curler..a 100% must for me!!
Majolica fibre extension mascara (the brush is actually a comb design it can really comb ur lashes nicely), Etude Big eye vitara mascara (volume mascara best choice!) and etude eyelash curler~

Mission complete!!!
This is how i look everyday to work…


Introduce you new toy..
my little moo moo..6880 no meaning..but i dad love it..-_-
in fact it havent really transfer to a moo(cow) but sooner..
im in the process of customize it with this awesome furly fabric!!

-okies end-
back to sewing..*_*

6 thoughts on “My daily dosage…

  1. Moo cute huh nvr c a car decorate with lu niu theme!wan to c it fast!cant waitetude really good ar?kinda hard to get it here, sob!-ashley-


  2. im waiting my supermum to sew the seat cushion ler..gimme sm times!!! good ar..wei mayb i can buy and post it to u pun..c wht u wan thanks for being so supportive giving me comment in every post dear!!!love you love you…


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