say woohoo to short break!!!!

im so excited today since i start my work
coz i’ve another short little break for myself…
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!!!
the office is close due to Company trip to Krabi
this morning the boss ask me whether i wan to go so he can book my ticket
no im not goi..hahha..stupid me trip wei
coz i dun think i deserve this trip since its an appreciation gift to the staff for their hardship
and im not even prepare for it!!! mentally and physically
im too new to join them for not a happening person
and and i hv thingsss to settle…and attend(so many and)
to cellgroup (ya i started joining cell group!its was fun..enjoyable)
wait at home for the call from my car agent for good news
hehe..sherlyn! me oso start buying accersory for car
im gonna turn my little viva to a little cow car..hahaha..*scream*
ok..end of far im vy happy with the environment!
its a great place for designer to grow..especially my 3D!!
noe what i finished the project that i mention earlier~
Thanks Thanks God….
Boss are too good to us…we eat lunch we talk and we laugh
we can online too..but me when comes to work..hehe..i forget to climb on net
sorry TR’s customers..for late reply
acoz my places i mean my desk is not really good position to surf personal stuff!
haha..get wht i mean…
ok well i only manage to get my workplace pic..
im so love this white can…and somemore i hv 2!!!
hahayalah everyone have 2 monitor~
they say gonna upgrade my pc..but can i still remain this lcd..
i dun wan the bigger wan which in black!!

as promise work outfit..
not all but some of day..
1st day to work..comfort and safe type
since 1st day hv to do sm survey on the air conditioning and college acceptance..
Black turtle neck: MNG, Belt: Sister’s, Vintage skirt: Thifted, legging: forget, stripes heels: Shoesaholics
this were the day im all alone..
i take half day leave in the morning..driving alone all the way to ampang
Public bank to sign the loan agreement…
drive to times square pick my brother and his gf
go to cheras to get my plate number! but we were direct to a wrong place
head to Salak south and finally get my number!!!
WSK 6880!!faster come~

today…kinda look messy huh..coz im back from ney place after work
Happy Birthday ney’s baba
i love ny tee: sister’s, Navy blue puffy:online spree, vintage flat:vincci

i really Thanks God what HE provides me so far in my life and in future..when i need a job i get one which is way better than expectation, when i need a car and i get one, when i need someone to share i have ney and my blog!!! when i need allowance i get extra from unexpected way too!!!i love you are the source for us..and you are everything!
God bless you too…

13 thoughts on “say woohoo to short break!!!!

  1. i am first! sorry for absent for some times in kiminpink, ashley scolded me yesterday coz i cant get online u noe, so cham the 1st thing i do is to visit your blog ler!how good is me! Great great layout as always, im in love with you! your apu nene wun kill me wan hor!haha bit siao today!so good no ned to wear formal to work!


  2. and walao why need 2 monitor ler?u eye not tired see from one monitor to another mah? but i wan the white monitor ler!so nice


  3. haha..memang fashion show.=PBut if designer still wear formal ge wa..will kill our inspiration de arr >< ..happy that you happy for ur current job!~


  4. yinle: ah siao, haha finally u back huh!2 monitor is easy to do referencing and multi tasking mah!!!like u can watch drama while doi ur work or stuff hahaha..syiok ler!erin:haha..girl no lar..even my boss wear casual to of the benefit for designer is no nid to wear formal hehe..ney: hehe..yalo kill me kao kao..yeah i love it Thanks God..if they wun ask me to do animation lagi best!!!i scare animation!!


  5. alowei! at first i oso think of cow theme! haha but then later on finally decide to turn it into a vintage lacey theme! haha but not so much accesories can buy! still hunting lo! lolzzz ohya…designer so good lo~ can wear watever u like to company! for formal clothes now! mama i still cant look arrogant or formal enough although my clothes are formal~ haizz haha


  6. sherlyn:hhaha really u oso think of that ar?? but i kinda scare cant find those cow cow things for i hv to ask mum or tailor to sew it for me..for lacey things u can get from lovely lace ler..there hv many…man man lai u still hv some times to hunt for clothes!!!u sure can work out those formal attire!!


  7. the lacey stuff is quite difficult to find out too de act…i onyl found few things…ur mom know how to saw?? haha i wanna make a bigbig bow for one of my dress…can u help me?? cz i dunno wer can i find tailor in here n wer can i buy those cloth~ lolzzz n i really need it by end of this month~ lolzz


  8. sherlyn: ya my mum learn sewing b4 so now im learning from big u wan for e bow??and wht color or kinda fabric u’re looking for??coz i hv limited left with me…ill try if i hv wht u wan k?hehhe..


  9. haha i wan in hot pink~like last time the pink tat i bought from u~ but then i wan a really big one~ do u watch confession of shopaholic d? i wan tat kind of big bow ~haha u stay here nearby d izit?maybe we can meet for further discussion~*after my car reach* ha i got few clothes tat need to tailor it too haha


  10. oh then the fabric i still hv..havent watch yet ler..but watching it coming weekdays..will try to c which one actually u talking abt k..:D ya i stay serdang prob let’s meet up when u got ur car k!mayb i can bring u to e tailor that i always went!


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