im so blessed!!!
i thanks God for all the blessing and love He had shower on me so far
i had another interview this morning..came in a sudden..
got inform yesterday noon..
not much stress and not much worries..and i sleep so tight yesterday..
mayb i had attend quite a number of interviews b4 this
no more insomnia the night b4 interview
after showing my portfolio ,few conversation with the boss
watching their company show reel…and salary matter
i straight away confirm to work there..
coz previously i always end up asking them to give me times for consideration
but no not this times..
coz the boss is too nice and
he gives appreciation to my work which encourage me a lot
i dun expect high on my salary but he was like nvm u can ask more
nvr ever encouter this can..but at last i stick the market price
this is the only job interview that gives me motivation of showing them imma goi to improve!!
after confirm i was introduce to all the college
i feel peace in me after confirm to work there
no fear no anxious but peace…
i believe it from God..it may or may not be a job God gives me
but i rmb Novel once told me you never know until u try or get urself involve!
God will let you know one day in his way…
WOoray…after 5 interviews..
i finally found the “enviroment” and a company that appreaciate designer!!
noe wht enviroment??
they actually got tv and playstation area for us to rest and lepak!!
anyhow i still have one more week to prepare myself..
..and get myself a car sooner!!!another Wooray~
yeah yeah..i nvr tot of me actually looking forward to work
introduce the company after im in the position…with photo!!hehe..


im so addicted to doi mask..haha right after shuwan you tag me in facebook
as the mask queen…poison izzit haha..
i do mask 3 times a weeks can…even my mum oso kena influence by me
we do mask together-gether she introduce her expensive mask to me
and me applying my cheapo mask on her..haha..
anyhow cheapo but still good can!!
im gonna introduce you e mask that i actually promise earlier
Etude 02 white mask…RM59.90(if im not mistaken)
wht u need a brush to apply(is not good to use hand k!!)and a hairband
and you can store it in ur frige….its really cooling when applying it
wash ur face before doi e mask..
gosh!i realise this is my first showing my naked face in kiminpink
dun get scared!!pls come back k…i already try to put a smaller pic!
you can actually apply on ur kneel and ur arm whr ever is darker than ur skin
and the result!!!!
got difference not??no editing on skin tone!!its 100& REAL!!!
the only thing i forget is to Smile~hhaa


Another stuff to share..my fav
mash potatoes salad..
i rmb this actually taught by kaelynn once we were gather at her place
to prepare this for bbq night or smth!
and it actually became me and ney all times hobbies..haha
we even had it on my birthday!!
to prepare this dish..like 1 hours is needed..if ya doi alone
prepare eggs and potatoes..depend on u!!mayo or salad cream
boil with water until the potatoes is soft enuf to mash
then mash it with wht ever weapon u hv
mix with mayo or salad cream…actually mayo is better..
put some black and white pepper…for favoring..
and done!!!!you can eat it with chips or bread or just like tat..

im still so excited….

3 thoughts on “Wooray…..

  1. eve: sorry girls forget to mention..its from Etude house sunway, times square!!Ask the salesgirl to test on u b4 buy ya~Ashley: ahaha wait lar..i got so many debts to pay after start working!!nightmare~~~


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