Layout..nid ur help pls!!!

hey all..
i’ve been bored with this layout for sm times already..
but nvr hv the times and idea to come out with nicer design..
but today im free
i come out with not one but 5 design
thx to ney suggestion, he actually suggested me to design more for u guy to choose..
as a blog post or smth..
so i make it all 5 in 6 hours..sitting in front of pc without moving..
try to make each is diff..but color and element is kinda same
coz this is kiminpink other color are allowed
Kim Simplicity
in fact this is the 1st production..that’s y lacking of element and idea..
just wanna making simple and clean…
i call this
Bow in pink

yet another clean design with more element
luv tis template becoz of the date is placed outside of the layout
at least abit diff then normal one

Lacey polka kim
you might find the color i use is similar with this current one..
black and pink
but this one with lace can!haha..more elegant mah
and i always love polka dotz as background!!
if u dun wan to see my face then better dun choose tis ya

Cupacakes kim
luv cupcakes then eating them actually..
i try to mix ocean blue with pink..diff kinda feeling huh
vy sweets quite like!

Dear kim diary
this is totally diff layout although its nice but
less user-friendly, always wanted to do smth like this…

haha no i din hv any 6th design for you but
if u prefer this current one im using then any other i show previously

Poll end..:D result out…hehe
Thanks so much, luv ya!

9 thoughts on “Layout..nid ur help pls!!!

  1. Yerr. I like the one.. got blueeee de. But hor the dear kim diary looks very nice lo @@Anyway looking forward to the new layout. For me i think it’s kinda impossible to stay the same.. we creative ppl.. sometimes reli quite boring to stay with the same design 😛ohya wanna tell u, u look very nice with the look with ur hair tied up. Seems like never c u in dat look ler. A new pretty kim ^^


  2. swan as always blue catch ur eye huh!!!yalo..always want to change ler..really??tied up nice ar?hope my hair grow longer than can tied nicely d..thx girl!!!


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