Ballerina Rock

i tot i can control myself from shopping after coming back from bkk
but no im wrong, i just cant tahan something im looking for slip away..

coz you wun get it again once u dun buy it on the spot..

this is wht i call my love at 1st sight when come to shop

i brought 2 skirt and 1 top this week which im not suppose to do

since i still got lotsa brand new clothes from bkk

and most important

im currently no income no financial support and no saving!!!

God i have sin..Forgive me Lord

i’ve praying to put less focus on fashion, but i cant i simply cant

fashion is my passion.. movie trip again with ney

when u and ur partner are broke..perhaps movie outing is the best choice..

Slumdong Millionaire

erm..lower than my expectation actually

coz i’ve heard and read about all the good comments abt it

and set it mentally at vy high level..

i prefer Benjamin Button not becoz of Brad Pit

but the story is more interesting..just my 2cents.. theme today is ballerina rock..i eventually create the name myself

sound weird?

haha..i brought my twin along..

im wearing the jacker she’s not…okie stop crap..

lacey tank top: forget*, studded belt, extremely pluffy skirt, stripes heels

in fact im more excited in sharing my accersory

as u noe i sold some accersories at TR(Trendreports)

i choose every single peice whole hearterdly

i wanna own every single design myself!!!

hehe..of coz i keep some for myself

<img style="width: 267px; height: 200px;" src="; alt="

im so in love with this gold wing cute!!!!

<img style="width: 276px; height: 365px;" src="; alt="

and this studded bracelet!! im so fever abt things with studded nowadays

i actually saw an exactly same bracelet at one of boutique in bangsar

which cost RM80 smth can!!

im now looking for a simple yet nice clutch to “studdedize” it..any recommendation?

coz i got myself many many studded for customize project!

<img src="; alt="

and today ney got me a new challenge..asking me to wear

as simple as casual as i can one day to kl

without any make up any extra..only tee with jean or short

sport shoe some more…haha i nvr noe i hv a sport shoe…

<img src="; alt="

and mayb tie up my hair oso….of coz without the make up la

hey notice my hair growing ornot!!

anyway its rather tough challenge to me…coz going out mean dolling up

i actually enjoy dolling up then going out..haha..

okay lotsa crap u think i can take tat challenge?


P.s: thanks to all reader who purchase from Trendreports!!

i might make a special discount or mystery gift for my reader+ buyers in the future..

love u girls..:D

P.s.s: im so excited to go to church tomorrow..dunno y?

no events pun just simply excited abt it

10 thoughts on “Ballerina Rock

  1. shasha:Hello sweets, welcome to and gift for sure..but i hv to put more effort in finding more nice stock to serve u girls! my church is CDPC, a Presbyterian Church at Subang business center, hw abt urs??u look like one of my secondary school mate!!Nice to meet you~


  2. I go to Hope church @ Serdang 🙂You’re staying in Subang huh? haha! I look like your ex sch-mate?! 😀 Nice to meet you too! It’s rare to find devoted christians who owns e-boutique 😛


  3. no wonder you came to balakong to eat at milwaukee! lol! cos i thought not many kl ppl will notice this small restaurant in a small place.. 😛 turns out u’re from serdang! 🙂you know.. my friend was <>just<> complaining about milwaukee to me this morning.. about overpricing and yucky food. and now i see your post. haha! exactly the same thing. they’ve got to do smth… 🙂


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