Sawadee kah- Day 5

Finally this is the last post to finallize my bangkok post..
sorry i’ve been so busy with projects (no im not working, but personal project),
interview, trendreports and insomnia…
i always get insomnia b4 the night i go for interview…so stressful can..
anyway..that all on personal updates..

Last day as usual we had our breakfast at 7eleven..
im too tired to dress up coz after chatuchak
we are heading straight to airport..
see so many variety of microwave food..ahha..sound so unhealthy
we take a BTS their skytrain aka lrt to chatuchak to meet up with neng and looknut
the places is so so so crowded..pack with tourist and shop!!!!!!
after few days of shopping..we were too tired to continue..
but anyhow not to waste the chances..
the price are reasonable no much bargain needed..
perhaps all the shop owner are friendly and honest..
and we brought this camera bag to song song!! so cool~
how i wish to own one if i hv a dslr too..but i forget to take a pic for that..
and ney ney felt in love with this shop owner..haha jk lar..
her artwork perhaps..all the clothes, panting are drawn by her!!
she might be the next jimmy..haha who noe…
and this!!!! they sell cute puppies at the marker too..
so cute can..and 3500bath each..consider cheap d..
this is the one i fell in love with..can we bring puppies back ar?anyone noe??
the whether is so hot tat day..and we just felt lazy to walk but
prefer to sit at this snack shop for chit-chatting
dearest looknut and me..miss her already..
she now a training staff of ccc..
after all the shopping and gathering we head back
for shoulder & back massage..only 150 bath..u cant find this price here for sure
while heading for another 7evelven snack
we saw this bazaar at the art gallery near the place we stay..
its call the teen bazaar..are vendor are youth and uni student
and all the stuff they are selling is either handmade or re-manufacture
i was so excited but we hv no more thai bath coz we try to left only the taxi fee
in order to not bringing back any of their money…
due to my excitement we rebut rebut go to mbk and change another 1000 bath just for shopping at this bazaar..
but who noe..i only brought one hp stripes and a camera couch..
and i still have that left over money with me today..unchanged

so that all more bangkok post..
kiminpink back to normal boring life again…

One thought on “Sawadee kah- Day 5

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