Sawadee kah- Day 4

Day 4 huh..actually nothing special except and more shopping
we went to the same place again..coz i got not enuf things to bring back..
15 kg max mah still space to fit in more clothes..
so if ya looking for tourist place in bkk hehe perhaps im not ur guide..for that
i din go to anywhr where tourist go except shopping
coz i promise looknut to go floating market with her mah..haha
and she say she wun let me go for only shopping next time i went thr
i forget wht im pointing at..but the main focus-outfit of coz
boho headband: trendreports, singlet: MNG, studded belt: trendreports, skirt: trendreport,
sandal: MBK

so 4th day wake up have breakfast at 7evelven.. weird right?
we dun eat breakfast there in m’sia, aint’it
their 7-11 is more canggih, lotsa food and cheaper
food mean you can put it in mircowave and hv it straight
since we dun dare to eat anything the street hawker this the only way
our favorite is hotdogs, ham and fishball all microwaved..and of coz instant noodles
i dun even noe is our 711 have these..
anyway after the fast breakfast we took a cab for shopping again same malls
but this time the taxi fee only less than 60 bath with jam and missed a junction
here a tips for you just like we did in m’sia..
b4 telling the taxi driver ur destiny ask them
you: meter?(just one word enuf)
taxi driver: ya..
you: your destination
taxi driver: ok
their meter start at 34bath but it run so slow can..haa..
and we start our shopping journey again..
after few hour of shopping
we were so tired to walk anymore and decided to sit in the shop and wait
our custom made stuff to be done..
no photo for shopping..we were too busy and tired..
after complete the task we head back
this is how street hawker look like..selling all sorf of snack and food
and of coconut!!Thailand is famous of it coconut right?hehe..
correct me if m wrong.. at night we go to siam square again
haha..i told u i love thr..and we both hv mission!!
we saw our shoe that day when we was thr!!
outfit again..
trendreports angel twist studded dress, my favorite hair band i get!!
cant really c from the pic huh
and i brought this vy vy cute bracelet!!!so cute can!!
the heart lock is really working!!i nid to open with the key attached
then ney was asking me you better go to laminate one more key for the lock
i laugh till die…coz i always loss my key!!!if this key happn to missing again
then i would hv to wear this bracelet the rest of life coz i dare to cut it k!its too cute..
and hehe i was trying shoes..this is not actually wht i want..just trying
this shop have so many nice shoe!!!those you can only get it from oversea spree!!
and the price is much more affortable k!!! i regret not buying more pairs..
shoes in the mall here are so ordinary and normal!!!yucks
then we went to this vy famous Thaifood restaurant “Somtam”
at siam square..neng happen to call us when we had our dinner there
neng: whr u guys?
ney: dinner at a thai restuarant..somtam the name is
neng: ei. how you noe that restaurant?
ney: coz many ppl queue…
hahha..its easy to find famous local restaurant ain’t it…queue tells it all!!
so many ppl queue….
wht we had..sweet sour fish and thai special pork soup i think…
the rice served is glutinous rice with a vy specail continer
my buy for the day…and my favorite buy!!! are these stripes heels and washed jean!!
not more than rm100 for 2!!
Next update: Trendreports new arrival!! chatuchak weekend market..and meet with looknut

5 thoughts on “Sawadee kah- Day 4

  1. Hey Kim,I’m one of your trends report’s cust and your blog reader..I’m goin to BKK soon. Would like to ask few nice place for food and shop, mind being my food and shopping guide ? O ya, which hotel that u’r stayin ?


  2. kim, i love ur stripes heels lar.. 🙂 hee hee.. everything fine up until now for my fyp, thanks for ur concern ya.. 🙂 how many days u went there? im so lookin forward for ur whole trip posts lar.. can see that u get to buy alot hor? haha.. take k ya~ 😀


  3. Lynette:hello darl..ya i rmb u..Thx for the support!!!! hope u love the pretty u getting soon ya..:D mayb u email me i gv u a detail onekim_0921@gmail.comdailyfrost:hello darl, welcome to kiminpink..erm i kinda forget the name of the shop but its a small shop at one of the un-notice-able if not mistaken is same roll with one of the cosmetic shop name **** buffet..the interior quite nice like..sorry for the bad memory darl..cant really rmb..sob


  4. Joanne: really? i love it too..actually they left this only one in size 7 which is bigger 2 size than mine..i oso dun care wanna buy and luckily found out can be adjust..Thanks God it fit so well..i went for 5days 4night..not enuf more day will end the whole trip d..haha..Gambateh ya..long time din saw u d..miss ya


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