Sawadee kah- Day 3

we wake up early in the morning for breakfast and some shopping at siam square again
haha..i say i love there..but end up buying nth..
Bangkok was hot when i was there…although weather forecast shown that m’sia is hotter
coz we dun go outdoor in m’sia so often tat’s y no rasa..
McD samurai pork burger for breakfast
*no comment*hheee..just normal
and we met this vy cute puddle!!she belong to a shop owner so obedient..
and camera sensitive
wanna own a puddle too!!but a brown one perhaps..
ney ney and siam square he look so excited huh..
and me with art gallery as background
what i wear:
boho headband: Trendreports
boho mini dress: Trendreports
vintage bag: Taiwan spree
white short: sunway, asia avenue
Sandal: MBK
we both brought sandal for more comfy walking purpose..hehe
then neng come to pick us to his campus which situated 1 hour away from bangkok
we take this van to his uni
Thailand have all soft of transportation provided
car=taxi, tuk tuk, van, bus, mrt, lrt and
you can even take a motor the motor driver will send you to anywhr u want!!
and we reach finally..notice their campus is named Palace campus
coz the origin location was a palace where dunno which generation Thai king stayed
right after we reach we met ccc staff…he is so friendly
in this campus they have 3 staff to be the student guide..
the foyer that they used gather before cell group start…
their campus is huge!
many many big lake surrounded..student have to walk so much..
lucky the very friendly staff send us to the palace instead of walking
the compound of the palace too big too..gosh everything is bigger than mmu
i mean the garden is much much much…way bigger than the palace…
student often went there in the evening to study! what a good place to hangout!
ney with the favorite dog of the formal king…
he was dead to safe the king’s life….*legendary story*
nice scenery right?the sunlight is natural can!no editing
neng and ney aahah name sound similar..
we met this korean missionary! we talk a lot..enjoy talking to him..
wish to join oversea mission trip too…a different experience..
and his little cute daughter
after tat was neng’s cell group
their gathering held at a pondok beside one of the lake
roughly 20-25 person in the cell group…thai look like Chinese right..
the cell group start from 5 to 8smth coz tat day happen to be their farewell of the senior
just like what we have in ccf
invited guest for talk session, p & w, pray and sketches
they are so funny and friendly
and we were asked to join dinner with them..
thai style fried kueytue
group pic…they are so cute and lovely..
we met becoz of God…thanks God for this opportunity..
hope can visit you guys again!!!
after back to bangkok we went to a night market near the golden palace
sim pa korn.. if im not mistaken..
typical thai night market..the stuff there are all so nid to bargain at all
i brought 2 for home attire another one for casual wear
for only rm8 each can!!*proud*…
also a hair curler for like rm15 cheap like tat
as long as it heat.. can curl then is good enuf for me..haha


update: more shopping, famous thai restaurant, and my favorite buy throughout the trip!!

2 thoughts on “Sawadee kah- Day 3

  1. wow! u look great in headband!!! i tried to put headband but unfortunately my fringe will pock my eyes =.=zz haha nice trip le!!! wanna go bangkok one day!!!!tempted d!!!


  2. sherlyn: mayb u can do parting center or side…i saw even fringe like urs..oso nice to wear headband ler..ya if u dun scare pocking ur eyes..will look vy cool! haha..go u should go


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