Sawadee kah- Day 1

Bangkok amaze me a lot throughout the whole trip
since we spend our trip for shopping, shopping and more shopping lar.. we meet up friends and their uni also
Bangkok is not that bad as those adult told me
if only you follow my healthy schedule visiting Bangkok
as we were host by the very friendly thai brother and sister
their guide us for not being cheated for transportation, 
not spending any extra time finding the way for food and shop
they are simply treat us way too good!!!miss you neng, link, and looknut
you guys are great!!!
neng, link come all the way from their campus to airport to pick us up
its take 1 hour to travel from their campus to uni can!how touching is it
after settle with the accomodation we went for late dinner..supper instead
nothing special but pizza hut haha..coz its too late d..and we dare not to try street hawker
the place we staying was cheap and clean and so convinient!!
its just few walk to siam suqare, MBK, paragon and many more (their orchard road)
since we reach there night so day one end very soon..we got home at almost 12 and go to bed
to prepare for the battle on the next day!!
Things i discover about Thai’s
1. Thai girls dress up more than malaysia and most of them look pretty like japanese
2. They are open to new things, trends, stuff!!
3.They are more hardworking and adventourous than us!!
4. I think Thailand’s economic is way better than Malaysia

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