Today is the day

long waited day finally come!!im leaving this evening
woohoo how excited i am…
yesterday we were busy runing around the town to get things done b4 depart
change thai bat the most important things!
i cant imagine i can really save money!!
1st time i save all my trip allowance on my own without asking from my parents..
ya i noe they are helping me secretly…
the effort of saving all this while is worthy.. i can shop like no tomorrow..
this my lugguage that im gonna bring
1 set pajamas, 1set outfit (thx kaelynn and shevin’s guide lucikly have you girls), utilities(lotsa charger) , bible, pressie (for neng, looknut and friends..cant wait to see you guys!), magazines, big china bag to pack more clothes when back..
that’s all goi with light and easy..and come back with heavy and bulky but poor and kosong!!

after changing the money we left some cash and award ourselves with good meal!
pasta zanmai!!ya im a pasta lover..
my spicy seafood pasta..nice nice..i rmb last time i ordered the same dish.
ney tendori chicken set..he loves it too..
song!the egg is so so must try it!!!hahha
my strawberry parfait
we are full and satisfied
outfit of the day..
Oversize white top: MNG
grey short with pleated: sis’s goi for more mature look nowadays.. updated this weeks…stay tune..
Take care..

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