love is in the air..in this valentine season!!
im not looking forward for any surprise..
as we are planning to celebrate next week
everyday is the valentine!!especially this few weeks..
our relationship become stronger and sweeter.
although we dun meet each other so often like last time in campus
the way we talk, spend time together
less conflict less argue..
it might be the advantages of being a little bit distance
and hopefully this beautiful scenery last long~
He has been worrying of his future recently
lotsa burden and things to consider
but what i can do is only to comfort him with words and pray for him
ney, bb will support you in whatever you do for future k!
dun worries me or my parent side..
Ney is being so good and lovely
he even brought me to sing k to make me happy
becoz karaoke is the only activity he dun enjoy and always try to avoid!
he can sing wht.. but only exclusively in front of me..
hehe..i love to stand on the seat..how messy is my hair
i look like a crazy women..
it was fun..although only 2 of us..and really fulfill desire to sing!
wht i wear…
Dress wear as top: Moca
stripes skirts wear as paper skirt: *forget*
black bow flat: s’pore
bag: taiwan’s spree
me while waiting him…cant wait to hv my hair grow longer!!
shoulder length would be good enough!!!hv to tahan myself from visiting salon
then we head to lowyat for light meal..
as im too concentrate singing and forget to eat the lunch set that i order..
been to this hongkong’s food restaurant few times..
they serve vy nice and original hongkong dishes
definitely not like those with lotsa branch everywhere down the street..
u might went to lowyat thousands times but not noticing this restaurants..
some hong kong’s style snacks..that sell outside of the restaurants..
since its a light meal we share this yun tun noodles!!*yummy*
the noodles itself taste so nice…and of coz the yun tun is full of prawn k!!
see the proof!
there are 2 to 3 prawn in one yun tun can!!
haha..with background ney ney looks like already in hongkong!!
he is too concentrate eating…
ok that’s all!!
Happy valentines in advance to all~
and congrats..to song song and junjie!!woohoo…
both me and ney’s disciple get attached in this full of love season…
must happiness and may God bless you both..and u girls out there

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