I didn’t diet!!!!

Chinese new year its the only time we get meet lotsa relatives..
most of them we only met once a year..
and as always my body is their biggest topic..if their talking about me or talking to me
asking me how i become so slim? wht is the secret behind this?
izzit my bf dun let me eat or wht??
begging me to teach them..or asking me why dun i eat much to at least gain some weight
to look healthier…
or some aunty even say that i use the money dad give me to sign up for slimming program
gosh..how ridiculous it that
and i reply hundred thousand times that i din purposely diet or wht k!
in fact i dun even do proper exercise for like 2 years or more..
im annoy answering all this question years after years..
and i Thank God He gives me this body..at least i can wear more nice clothes than b4
attend family dinner is kinda boring for me
accept answering those question
as im not talkative type..and i too shy to sing karaoke in front those aunty uncle..
Congrats to ney’s brothers get engage last Friday..and thx for inviting me for the dinner
present after my bangkok trip..hahha..im saving rmb?
valentine is coming..its our 3rd valentine..
but we’re gonna postpone it and celebrate in bangkok instead..saving mah..haha
long time din take camwhore together d…
only one outfit photo for today dinner am too rush for the last dinner..
red polka top mini dress wore as top from velvet ribbon,
studded skirt ugly duckling , vincci polka dot flat, f21 bracelet and a random chair..

my interview was ok..
nth special but make me realize that i myself not really clear where im goi forward?
which area i should persuade as my future career..im kinda lost..
when ppl ask me for double confirm is that wht im goi to do in future?i cant really answer
to avoid regrets i rejects the job offer…
and of coz for some other reason i heard God telling me He have better plan for me..
i really have to pray hard for this
instead of fearing to being jobless.. i should know what God want me to do for Him..
btw im counting down…*excited*.. another one week to go!!!

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