***be aware lot of vain photo ahead!!!leave if you hate to c my face…

yes im too free at home nowadays..
avoid my one and only outdoor activity- shopping
to save up whenever im out after settling some stuff ill head back home
..playing the sims its the only foc thingy in my life..
but today i play with my own hair..hence not to waste the make up that put on earlier mah
haha..why am i like tat..
my hair been so boring this new year..nothing much different
i get back my fridge and dye to lighter brownish color..and that’s it!
so boring right!
and im goi to 2 dinner this coming weekend
ney’s brother engagement dinner and Hee’s family annual dinner
since i still hv some new dresses so no worry about the outfit
i hv to do something diff on my hair and i will sooner upgrade to a working adults
i’ve look more mature to cheat trustworthy!!!
so i curled my hair…damn long time din curl my own hair d..
the outcome doesn’t impressive at all…
but i did look older….
from left..middle parting, keep the fridge up and side parting?
which you think better??haha..i noe lar..all not nice right
anyway i personally like the 2nd one
i did lotsa camwore with it!!
look this goldish-kinda-feel..
how i wish to have fair skin…no more editing on skin tone anymore..
hv rajin rajin put the vy powerful whitening mask from etude…
introduce to u guys next time!!i
m experimenting left hand which look much fairer then the right one!! its 100% true can!!
and outfit photo with messy room!
MNG singlet, F21 bracelet, Gold studded belt, and Ugly duckling flair fusia skirt

enough of all the photo… goi for an interview session this sat!!so suddenly k!
i just wanna try my luck and send my cv to this potential company,
they recuit for ”experience” multimedia designer
with rather high salary…
and Thanks God i get response and ask to go for interview..
so fast can??im not prepare to be interview! my portfolio yet to be done!
i havent even pray to God for a job…
but i do not want to ruined any chance of job opportunity…enomony recession k!
and i cant accept to be rejected!!!
i dun want to b jobless…coz my parent start giving pressure..
all i can do is do my best lar…
i suppose to worry this method after my trip to bkk what..
oh rebut rebut wanna do freelance job b4 the trip
to gather more fund..hahha..
now im producing my mum’s company website..
so if you nid any design thingy to be done dun hesitate to find me
such as blog design, web design or anything you want make it prettier
im here for you..hahhaa
till then..nitez…
*still worry about the interview*

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