A sick CNY

sorry for lack of update..
i hv nothing to blog!!!how can??
this is my most boring and lousy new year ever!!
i was sick!! and my brothers was sick and guess wht my sister was sicking now
ya we went s’pore but nth much except visiting relatives with sick body and virus
and because of my sickness..im too sick to travel alone to jb to meet my gf
i was sick from the 1st to the last day left s’pore can?
how shuai izzit??God want me stay at home at last…
and of coz im too sick to take a pic or be in the pic…
so no outfit photo
but everyone meet my cousin’s nephew-keith!!
im officially being called aunty!haha
and a pic of this traditional food of xing hua..
ya my family is xing hua…
we use to eat this meesua every 1st day of cny…
ok tat’s all of my Chinese new year..

and TrendReports officially launched a week ago
it is our family business!! my family damn supportive keep bumping in modal
haha..which make me feel abit stressful! coz they keep asking me
when can earn profit?..God knows when!haha
anyway do support us k!!
im gonna bring some benefit to my blog reader who purchase TR’s stuff!!
Goi bangkok sooner!!!meeting my bangkok’s friends!!!
of coz cant wait for shopping spree c lynn and shevin, u gals affect me huh
..even ney is exicited abt shopping..
how weird!!!!im crazily doi saving..i dun keep much cash with me nowadays
ill cash deposit them whenever im near to bank..haha
and im crazily forcing myself to devotion every morning and night!!
i’ve lazy for so long…i nid to draw closer to Him again..
since im no longer in christian circle..pray for me!!

-end of update-

2 thoughts on “A sick CNY

  1. remember :p No need bring clothes to change to Bangkok. Bring 1 clothes to wear there and 1 sleeping clothes enuff. Others buy there and wear! :p pack VERY VERY light!!! hahaha enjoy! and please remember don’t be like me :p buy a thailand simcard. i have one actually.but haven activate. let me know if you want it :p


  2. haha..really ar??mean i bring empty luggage there??wow…excited!!how much is a thailand simcard cost??as cheap as ours??haha next time you go can use it!!!any places is a must to visit??did you girls visit tourist place or only shopping thru the whole trip??


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