Sawadee kah- Day 4

Day 4 huh..actually nothing special except and more shopping
we went to the same place again..coz i got not enuf things to bring back..
15 kg max mah still space to fit in more clothes..
so if ya looking for tourist place in bkk hehe perhaps im not ur guide..for that
i din go to anywhr where tourist go except shopping
coz i promise looknut to go floating market with her mah..haha
and she say she wun let me go for only shopping next time i went thr
i forget wht im pointing at..but the main focus-outfit of coz
boho headband: trendreports, singlet: MNG, studded belt: trendreports, skirt: trendreport,
sandal: MBK

so 4th day wake up have breakfast at 7evelven.. weird right?
we dun eat breakfast there in m’sia, aint’it
their 7-11 is more canggih, lotsa food and cheaper
food mean you can put it in mircowave and hv it straight
since we dun dare to eat anything the street hawker this the only way
our favorite is hotdogs, ham and fishball all microwaved..and of coz instant noodles
i dun even noe is our 711 have these..
anyway after the fast breakfast we took a cab for shopping again same malls
but this time the taxi fee only less than 60 bath with jam and missed a junction
here a tips for you just like we did in m’sia..
b4 telling the taxi driver ur destiny ask them
you: meter?(just one word enuf)
taxi driver: ya..
you: your destination
taxi driver: ok
their meter start at 34bath but it run so slow can..haa..
and we start our shopping journey again..
after few hour of shopping
we were so tired to walk anymore and decided to sit in the shop and wait
our custom made stuff to be done..
no photo for shopping..we were too busy and tired..
after complete the task we head back
this is how street hawker look like..selling all sorf of snack and food
and of coconut!!Thailand is famous of it coconut right?hehe..
correct me if m wrong.. at night we go to siam square again
haha..i told u i love thr..and we both hv mission!!
we saw our shoe that day when we was thr!!
outfit again..
trendreports angel twist studded dress, my favorite hair band i get!!
cant really c from the pic huh
and i brought this vy vy cute bracelet!!!so cute can!!
the heart lock is really working!!i nid to open with the key attached
then ney was asking me you better go to laminate one more key for the lock
i laugh till die…coz i always loss my key!!!if this key happn to missing again
then i would hv to wear this bracelet the rest of life coz i dare to cut it k!its too cute..
and hehe i was trying shoes..this is not actually wht i want..just trying
this shop have so many nice shoe!!!those you can only get it from oversea spree!!
and the price is much more affortable k!!! i regret not buying more pairs..
shoes in the mall here are so ordinary and normal!!!yucks
then we went to this vy famous Thaifood restaurant “Somtam”
at siam square..neng happen to call us when we had our dinner there
neng: whr u guys?
ney: dinner at a thai restuarant..somtam the name is
neng: ei. how you noe that restaurant?
ney: coz many ppl queue…
hahha..its easy to find famous local restaurant ain’t it…queue tells it all!!
so many ppl queue….
wht we had..sweet sour fish and thai special pork soup i think…
the rice served is glutinous rice with a vy specail continer
my buy for the day…and my favorite buy!!! are these stripes heels and washed jean!!
not more than rm100 for 2!!
Next update: Trendreports new arrival!! chatuchak weekend market..and meet with looknut

Sawadee kah- Day 3

we wake up early in the morning for breakfast and some shopping at siam square again
haha..i say i love there..but end up buying nth..
Bangkok was hot when i was there…although weather forecast shown that m’sia is hotter
coz we dun go outdoor in m’sia so often tat’s y no rasa..
McD samurai pork burger for breakfast
*no comment*hheee..just normal
and we met this vy cute puddle!!she belong to a shop owner so obedient..
and camera sensitive
wanna own a puddle too!!but a brown one perhaps..
ney ney and siam square he look so excited huh..
and me with art gallery as background
what i wear:
boho headband: Trendreports
boho mini dress: Trendreports
vintage bag: Taiwan spree
white short: sunway, asia avenue
Sandal: MBK
we both brought sandal for more comfy walking purpose..hehe
then neng come to pick us to his campus which situated 1 hour away from bangkok
we take this van to his uni
Thailand have all soft of transportation provided
car=taxi, tuk tuk, van, bus, mrt, lrt and
you can even take a motor the motor driver will send you to anywhr u want!!
and we reach finally..notice their campus is named Palace campus
coz the origin location was a palace where dunno which generation Thai king stayed
right after we reach we met ccc staff…he is so friendly
in this campus they have 3 staff to be the student guide..
the foyer that they used gather before cell group start…
their campus is huge!
many many big lake surrounded..student have to walk so much..
lucky the very friendly staff send us to the palace instead of walking
the compound of the palace too big too..gosh everything is bigger than mmu
i mean the garden is much much much…way bigger than the palace…
student often went there in the evening to study! what a good place to hangout!
ney with the favorite dog of the formal king…
he was dead to safe the king’s life….*legendary story*
nice scenery right?the sunlight is natural can!no editing
neng and ney aahah name sound similar..
we met this korean missionary! we talk a lot..enjoy talking to him..
wish to join oversea mission trip too…a different experience..
and his little cute daughter
after tat was neng’s cell group
their gathering held at a pondok beside one of the lake
roughly 20-25 person in the cell group…thai look like Chinese right..
the cell group start from 5 to 8smth coz tat day happen to be their farewell of the senior
just like what we have in ccf
invited guest for talk session, p & w, pray and sketches
they are so funny and friendly
and we were asked to join dinner with them..
thai style fried kueytue
group pic…they are so cute and lovely..
we met becoz of God…thanks God for this opportunity..
hope can visit you guys again!!!
after back to bangkok we went to a night market near the golden palace
sim pa korn.. if im not mistaken..
typical thai night market..the stuff there are all so nid to bargain at all
i brought 2 for home attire another one for casual wear
for only rm8 each can!!*proud*…
also a hair curler for like rm15 cheap like tat
as long as it heat.. can curl then is good enuf for me..haha


update: more shopping, famous thai restaurant, and my favorite buy throughout the trip!!

Sawadee kah- Day 2

Now i noe why people dun post abt their travel right after the trip
its too tiring to choose pic some more hv to do post-production too lazy to do anything at this moment!
i dun wan to get a job or freelance
can i just sit at home and manage Trendreports?
at least this is the only i really enjoy doing!!
i treat it as my first step of owning a real boutique one day
so i take it vy seriously, from design to customer experience..
hope it will run smoothly and my fire for it keep burning..*praying hard*


okay shall we continue the journey in BKK in 2nd day
since neng and link are busy with their classes in uni
so we went for our shopping spree..we also paiseh asking them acc shopping
so took a cab to platinum which is 10 min away from the place we stayed
and noe wht we were charged 100bat for that..
although neng said its only cost less than 40 bath coz you noe we are foreign mah
taxi driver noe we cant speak in thai must cut us kao kao
but we did learn to be smarter later then
by the time we reached was still early not much shop open
haha see how exicited are we got up so early
i only bring 2 top and one short along this is the only piece i get to wear
haha..coz the rest of the trip i’ve been wearing new clothes…
we spend whole day there just for shopping

see this is how i carry the shopping bag
so tiring can..there have like thousand of shop thousand of choice there!!
im so regret din fully utilise my big china bag there!!

as they dun provide chair or bench or anything can be sitted for customer to take break
i just chi chai sit on the floor near the window…
people are looking weird at me..i wonder how they can tahan..

our tiring face…haha i was carry ingthe ugly plastic bag on my shoulder
see what i get!!im so in love with this umbrella!!
so sweet the color..with the ends lightly ruffled
i wonder when am i using it when i got home looking at it
mayb photo shoot next time..
but its real cheap rm30 haha..sound not cheap huh
but the quality real good with uv some more..
you cant get it here in malaysia!!


and we went for lunch at the food court for little charge up,
thai style stewed pork..nice try..worthy following ppl queue up..
and continue shop for another 3 hour

typical bangkok street…
before we headed back we went to the market across the road
and brought this very famous thai orange juice..
its a must to drink this..coz its cheap and refreshing..
but choose a cleaner stall
instead of taxi this time we took a tuk-tuk back..
its cheap then but still not reasonable
but i insists wanna try so its worthy for an experience..
they are fast..but its dusty and smelly not the tuk tuk itself
coz you’re in open air all the dust on the street and smell of the petrol
and we went to mbk food avenue for dinner!
in fact we went to a wrong place..we suppose to go their food court not avenue
avenue sound expensive right..hahaa
ya but worthy..with music, clean and well services..
only foreign there..haha..can imagine the price..
so remember is FOOD COURT!!
we ate..pineapple fried rice, thai style satay!(i luv their satay!no fat or skin!)
and oreo ais kacang thingy
however the food is up to a standard..
then we head to siam square which just opposite of MBK
there have lotsa boutique like this along the street..
all are unique and well interior design..*my dream boutique*
but its kinda pricey..
conclude the day with our buy!
ney brought lotsa tee and we brought some for our sibling coz its really dirt cheap!!
less than RM15 can…hhahaa..enuf for ney to wear for a year he said..

next update:
im more comfy playing dress up in bkk than kl coz kl’ian often gv u weird glance
and visiting neng, link and looknut uni!
Silpakorn University…and join their cell group and their ministry