Lazy Bug..

im now sitting at home doi nth than
sleep, eat, play and watching drama!
but i still got many things undone!
haven’t decide whr to go for vacation..whr whr..any suggestion???
haven’t buy enough new year clothes
trim eyebrow
haven’t get prepare well for my *secret plan*
haven’t plan with my darlings at jb when and whr to go
haven’t color and cut my ugly hair!
so many things to b done b4 this Saturday…
yet im still here sitting in font of the pc the sims’ing
ya im addicted to the sims2 again…haha..again… the composed pic of my mum’s company annual buffet dinner
at Legend Hotel..
i was inform suddenly so no outfit photo but only food’s!!
and today i finally finish my wardrobe adding mission for cyn at Bangsar and
trim my eyebrow
so summany i brought 2 high waist skirt, 1 jacket, 2 pair of shoes, 2 dress
gosh..and only 1 top???i brought way too less clothes than pass few year!!!
i just cant find anything nice this new year…nothing can!
anyway this wht i wear today
Tuxedo like lacey tude:Thrifted
High waist denim short: Oh, So beautiful
Brown High waist Belt:Oh, So beautiful
Big Brown Shopping Bag: *forget the name*
Heels: Shoessaholic

Chinese New Year in advance~


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