All of a sudden

suddenly i finish my final year project

suddenly i have to pack all my stuff and
move out from this house that i use to stay the past 3 years

suddenly i did my final presentation and it turn out disappointing..*sob*
i hate myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suddenly im graduate not officially might failed also..haha..who knows

suddenly its time for me to find a job and work like cow the rest of my life paying debts

suddenly i ended my studies life, might not mayb a master for me?
but it could end in this moment
im no longer call myself a student?arh…how old am i!!!

suddenly i felt so lost and im not ready for the future yet..
im not prepared!!!
arh..God please guide me…

4 thoughts on “All of a sudden

  1. i got friends who ever been such a situation too….jz after her graduation time…act i m afraid too…i only left 4 semester n i will end my uni life….i hadnt done enough thing tat i wish to do yet..n i havent become pretty n fashion yet =.=””” but i think u had done all ur best in ur uni life~ *without wasting it by jz study study study* wish u all the luck for ur future yo~ hope god bless u hehe but i m buddhist…but don worry guan yin will bless good ppl too :p haha


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