(this is my last camwore for 2008!!Last!!exclusively present to you
cant resist the good light today while waiting ney in the car~
not much editing require..

Happy new year..to you guys out there…
i always ask myself how long will i take to use to write this new digit (
surely for the first few month
ill still writing 2008 in anything that require me to fill in year

anyway..next year is a big turning point for most of us who *graduating* in 2 weeks times
(y so many 2 weeks ar…since last last week i was telling 2 weeks left)
wht job am i getting, how my working life will be
most important what God’s plan in me
im starting to b curious and asking God for answer…
may 2009 be another good year for you and me!!
God bless~

8 thoughts on “2009!!!

  1. Anonymous:Happy New year to you too…:Devely: hehe..the light do lotsa job..u can get tutorial from some website..really did helps to improve!Happy new year to u as well¬


  2. nice jacket dear!gal~post more pics of ur outfit~ hahah i need a real model to learn~ ahaha helppppppi m finding high waist skirt..but not tight one…a bit lose like *pong pong skirt* de…any recommendation??hheeh happy new year leh~


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