My Diva Moment!

haha..entering another contest from tounge in chic
my Diva moments: Doll up myself…
coz i think everytimes after dolling up myself
it is my Diva moment..
other than outfits, accessories are so important to make girls look DIVA!!
even im not goi out ill still play dressing up in my room
especially when i brought new outfit or accessory
ill try to mix n match
of coz ill not go out of my room to scare people…
but definitely i will snap lotsa pictures…
to not wasting the effort of dressing up
dun waste all the make up and times mah..
(haha..ya i did my make up sometimes too…*craziness*)
back to the topic..
my accessories easily missing no where…
especially earing..but luckily i hv only one ear pierce on the left..
so i always got one chance to loss the other one
that’s why i nid the voucher to get more accersories!!!
however i onli manage to dig out 3 accessories i bought from Diva
the rest might be under my bed or in the cupboard somewhere in my room…

start with the tiny one..Diva Shapes earing..
i brought plenty of these earing in diff shapes n colors..
but these are wht left now..*sob*
arh i turn a wrong way…but i really wear it on the left..
Shapes Earing match with
White singlet: Topshop
Black studded high waist skirt: Ugly duckling
2 tones checker Scarf: Sis’s

Diva bow hairband..
i love bow i love bow i love bow i love bow
you dun really hv to be girly to wear this!!
Diva bow hairband match with
stripes mini dress= online boutique (*forget*)
black bow= handmade
puffy skirt (underneath): Taiwan spree
sorry again can’t really see coz of the lighting
anyway here another proof of me wearing it..hahha

last and my favorite..
Diva Preppy Headbands
come in four color actually and again i lost the black one…
and i always love to wear the brown one..
Preppy Headbands match with
White off shoulder: Taiwan spree
Vintage Belt: Oh! so beautiful, sunway
Vintage flower skirt: Online

i would love to own more accessories from DIVA!!!
my Diva moments is definitely
every times doll up myself with a right accessory which match my outfit!

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