Yes man

a little movie outing with ney
a short break for him out of all the nights doing his animation…
Yes Man
a really funny comedy movie
laughter filled the cinema and its kinda meaningful
would you dare to say yes to every single question or task in your life?
it can really make a difference…
Give a beggar all your money?Yes?
Go back to campus on public holiday?Yes?
Throw away your computer?Yes?
izzit really good to say yes to everything?
human are selfish, ain’t it?
ney ney is a yes man for me in this case
he say yes to everything…even he say no at 1st ill try my best to change his ans to yes
in fact he say too much yes to others at the 1st place
that make his life harder…
as we are staying in a same rental house nearby our campus
he have been doing all the stuff for the house this 3 years
billing, cleaning, rental collecting all sort of things
that we the others wouldn’t care about…
but everyone include me are taking it for granted!
when some one didn’t manage to pay rental or bills
he will be the one to paid it first
if the rubbish bin are full not one but all the rubbish bin is full
he is the one who throwing,
he is not the only one who throwing the rubbish, can?
when someone didn’t wash up their dishes
he definitely be the one who clean it until he cannot tahan
only will ask the person to clean it
when someone wash their dishes and do not clean the basin
he is the one…
ya he is the one doing everything others left…
they just dun even care coz it wun bother them
just dun understand how can people being so dirty…
even when us clean up those people wouldn’t even say a simple words
God should we just yes to people like this
teach us to be more tolerance to these people
luckily is time for us to leave tis place…another 2 weeks
i will be missing mmu and ccf and even my room but definetly not this house..

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