kiM’s 2008…

dear diary sorry for abandon you for some times~
i’ve been so lazy to update anything
or in fact i’ve nothing to update!
im so looking forward to the life after 2 weeks time!!!
ill be set free~~~free from assignment and studies…yeah!!!
anyway tis will be my 2008 review post…
of some special and memorable event or occasion throughout the years

a farewell dinner for 3 of us who goi for internship~
and im off from mmu to Kioskmedia for my 14 weeks internship~
hehee..very memorable period of my life…
working fun is not fun at all!
luckily it end so soon….

went to s’pore at feb with my bbf!!miss you guys~
sorry for the bad quality of pic…
sunsun visit me at KL at june~
miss those days…we shop like no tomorrow~

lotsa trip with ccf’er!
march malacca trip…
indeed a short and sweet trip at the weekend trip
that lighten my boring internship life..
pangkor island with more brothers and sisters!!
another sweet trip~
enjoy every moment spending together!
er..can this been call as a trip in fact a short camera trip!
to putrajaya photo shooting after
the farewell dinner of kelly and yenting!
Mission trip at Bercham…
Another mission trip to Kampar…..

the birth Phlox Studio~
8 of us setting up this online boutique for an university subjects!
lotsa fun~~business was ok and Praise the Lord we get good great for this subjects!

this is not sometihing special but a norm for city people..
stuck in jam “N” times~~~

“hire” my sister to be my personal model~
ya i noe this is not the 1st time
mixing and matching is so much fun
she’s so talented right…

visit yonpin and prince mimi’s hometown
Alor Setar…
the very famous padding field….read this and this
and penang trip…
hopefully there’s still chance for us to have trip together-gether…

hopping bazaar to bazaar but mostly ended up buying Nothing…
mayb im not good in digging those thrifted goodies…

visit the same Starbucks branch for so many times~
not simply becoz im addicted to it but somethings else
that i even request to meet with the manager
becoz of my precious project
and even turn my room to a lab for experimenting the proposed idea

Thanks God this year…i’ve gain lots~~~
Merry Christmas to you, sweeties…

P.s:stay tuned on our tiny but sweet Christmas party at our place~~

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