100th post!

this is the 100th post of kiMinpink!
ok the movie screening is over..

i nvr wrote about my testimonial how i come to Christ here in my blog
so here is a rather short one to share
email /feedback me if you wanna the actual story!
i was born in a Taoism family
when im grow up i realize a lot of things i dunno about my religion
question about life, religion pratice and etc
a lot of question raise up in my mind
but no one can give me a clear and satisfactory answer
until i face problem in my life
where i had no one to relive on,
the problem where money, friends and family itself cannot solve and help
i wanna help my loves one but i really im hopeless! i can do nothing
accept crying with her…
and accidentally i found a God/ a heavenly father that will ans my prayer
i started to pray and pray
although problem do not really solve
i come to know more about this God, how real is He, how He truth is His word
how He love me and plan my life!
that’s no regret until today and i think rest my life that
i belief in Jesus Christ
if you ask me if God take away the problem that i face earlier will my life be better?
my ans to you is no, im grateful thru that i come to know Him
i come to know the truth and meaning of life!
i, from a gal who ask for so much, worry so much before
to now who felt so thankful with my life and no worries about future
coz i know God have perfect plan on me!
-God bless you-

P.s:you might found offensive or saying im too religiosity
but this is what i believe and what i wanna share with you
coz this can be the greatest present
that you receive in this Christmas!

2 thoughts on “100th post!

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