i luv Christmas…

i luv Christmas
the season of sharing love with your love one…
luv all the Christmas decoration in the mall and street…
and a vy good reason to take photo in the mall
without getting laugh “sua gu” by the others..
outfit of the day
pink flowy tops = velvet ribbon
brown high waist belt= oh so beautiful,sunway
high waist denim short= oh so beautiful,sunway

the curve..christmas decoration= fairy land..
with lotsa cute little fairy in the garden…*nice*
IKANO erm..snowy and santa home concept i think
nth really special here..:P
One utama..white Christmas!!
with different Christmas tree decoration even the one with poker card
i noe you’re getting bored of me with the Christmas Decoration
bear with me ya..hehe
random photo with ney by the random mirror..
seems like long time din cam-ho together…
random timer set at one of the display bedroom in IKEA

haha..ok ok here are some other photo of very nice ayam penyet at the curve
the chili sauce is so pedas so lasak..haha
haha..yet you will see me again but this time
with the ayam and lembu penyet instead..
my hungry boy with the food!
and i luv their syrup soda!!nice!!so match with my clothes~
-God bless-
Merry Christmas in advance~~
remember to share your love with others

6 thoughts on “i luv Christmas…

  1. I love this month too but i hate the decoration coz i live in Surabaya city not in Jakarta so we have bad decoration.Love the decoration so cute with the elf and love your pink shirt too, electric but elegant!BTW i love eating ayam penyet i think only Indonesia people love it but you too!why don’t you try eating AYAM PENYET RIA?! it’s so delicious i think they open the restaurant in Malay too.You have a handsome boy love his style too especially the glasses


  2. harlo darling..ic u’re from surabaya!ya i love the shirt too..ayam penyet is nice!!luv the sambal so much i luv spicy thingy¬never know whr is ayam penyet ria in m’sia will try to find it out k..:D haha regarding my boyfriend, he will fly after seeing ur comment!


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