Pasta Crazy

remember once when im in form 3
my fav tution teacher was asking everyone what is our favourite food
to calculate the nutrition of it for each of us!
everyone was so excited to tell what they food love most
for me the food i love most that time was..of coz
and i get the award of the most healthy favorite food among the others!
although no reward given…
but till now pasta is my all times favorites
Italianiese serve nice Pasta¬
and there have this nice promotion
you can choose 4 favor out of 10!!
with reasonable price¬
and my ney favorite
fried calamari serve with tomato source!!
Finally i’ve the chance to try Pasta Zanmai few weeks ago
their japanese style pasta is nicer than *the others*
Sesame pasta unexpectedly nice!!!
the sauce is great!
you have to grind the black sesame seeds urself¬
and mine..seafood

im craving for pasta now!!!

**Update** with a recent cam-ho in case you miss me..hehe
perasan me..
281108 copy

4 thoughts on “Pasta Crazy

  1. yinle:haha..y not? i might not recognize you next time coz u’ve become a fan women!sherlyn: hehe..thanks sher its just exactly the same as you put on the upper eyelash…


  2. wow, I also love to eat pasta.. but most of the time i cook by myself… cz too expensive at restaurant for those delicious pasta… Poor student cant afford it.. Wow, your look like taiwan girl of this look yo…


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