Poor thingy…

arh..time to say good bye
she had accompany with for 3 year plus!
being a helpful one beside me in every
assignment-rushing night,
relax-drama time,
the sims2 hour,
bff-chatting moment…and lotsa more~~
but she suddenly felt so sick last sunday
even the doctor say i should get a replacement!!!

i noe its times since everytimes i blog about you
you’re always sick
this, this and this

and i find my second love…

the texture…so cool right!!
im no longer nid to re-decorate my cpu..


P.sSs: Christmas is coming!! i own my very first Christmas tree..
without spending a cents!thx to my uncle!!
it look much nicer in real life!!due to the messy background and bad lighting

P.SssS: Christmas is very special where everyone from diff religion
celebrating it together BUT
Christmas is not all about santa, presents, party!
Christmas is about to celebrate and remember
the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ!
his is the greatest gift of all that God give us!
God bless you~

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