i wan CUPcakes

im craving..craving for cupcakes, cakes, cookies, lolipop
or anything that is sweet!!
hahha..can some one send me..
tis…miss my bd cake from wondermilk..
they are cute and yummy

im craving for clothes too…din do shopping for some times..
eventually i did..ill get nth at the end of the day
nth nice but affordable..nice things always unaffordable…

im craving for smth fun on my project
how can my fyp being so boring???programming is just not stuff
ar…mayb its too late for me to realize my major is not wht i really desire for
haha..way too late…

sorry GOD i got too much request..and complain…
i think most probably is the effect of pms..
but im really love and appreaciate the life i have now!!
i hv lovely family, caring boyfriend, cute friends around and God
actually i have not much worries now..even my future..
or my life after 2 months..although i not yet finding job yet planing anything!
arh…then y am i writting tis post??

2 thoughts on “i wan CUPcakes

  1. wow!cupcakes!me wan!nvr visit ur blog 4 some times, so many things to read to keep update!gv me some time!miss you lotz~muacks!


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