Create your own BOW!

Gossips girl bring a big hit of bow to tis season!
it is the cutest accessory of all

you can wear it on ur neck to look funky yet luxury
credit to Phlox Studio
the pant is our new item..interested??get it now

you can also pin it on ur head as hair accessory to hv cute and girlish look

or you put it anywhere on your simple design dress
aint it girl’s best friends ever?

but somehow is kinda hard to get a nice bow in the market
know what..?
yesterday i figure out how to create a bow
ya we can create it by our own!

2 pair of fabric
1 pair in bigger rectangle size and another in smaller size
and one thin rectangle size to shape up the bow in last step
and of coz scissors, thread and needle..
its freaky easy
1. just sew both pair of fabric together
2. turn in upside down in order to hid the ugly thread
3. put the smaller on top of the another squeeze the middle part and set the shape by sew the last thin rectangle fabric
tat’s all (sorry im not good in describing ask me for detail k..)
and the end result will look like tis!

easy right? im gonna do more with lace, and different kinda fabric i cut from my old clothes~

3 thoughts on “Create your own BOW!

  1. gorgeous floral leggings.. minda share where dya get it?and oh those bows!! *salivates* i tried doing a few times previously but it turned out gross ;( dya use sewing machine or just needle? great job! 😉


  2. sensoria:thx girl..nice to meet u and glad to hear that u love it!cryst:hello there, i get it from bijou bazaar…hehe..topshop have selling the same tights too!for the bow i actually using needle and i hide those ugly thread by sewing the inner side 1st..u can try tis way~


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