i wan CUPcakes

im craving..craving for cupcakes, cakes, cookies, lolipop
or anything that is sweet!!
hahha..can some one send me..
tis…miss my bd cake from wondermilk..
they are cute and yummy

im craving for clothes too…din do shopping for some times..
eventually i did..ill get nth at the end of the day
nth nice but affordable..nice things always unaffordable…

im craving for smth fun on my project
how can my fyp being so boring???programming is just not stuff
ar…mayb its too late for me to realize my major is not wht i really desire for
haha..way too late…

sorry GOD i got too much request..and complain…
i think most probably is the effect of pms..
but im really love and appreaciate the life i have now!!
i hv lovely family, caring boyfriend, cute friends around and God
actually i have not much worries now..even my future..
or my life after 2 months..although i not yet finding job yet planing anything!
arh…then y am i writting tis post??


4days 3 night is kinda not enough for Bali Island
its really a nice place for relax!
beach, spa, culture, lifestyle, art and lotsa more!
Mercure Hotel~that we stay for days in Bali
Nice Balisnes Design, clean and good services..

and the place i love most is the roof top pool!
you can swim and have spa with beautiful seaside view~
the toilet have nice lighting for Camwhore!



Bali is special because this flower is everywhere!
its their national flower..bunga telur
its on the tree, drawing, floor, and on us~~
every girl on the street is wearing it!
even my dad..ahhaa

Bali is special because their culture dance,
their costume and belief and the way they present it..is very different!

Bali is special because you have to wear sarong to enter their temple..
(if you’re wearing short)
this is the entrance of the Gua Gajah
where the hindu priests use to meditate inside the cave
another vilage temple..
the color orange and grey is the main color of most of the building or houses…

Bali is special because of tanah lot..
this place is awesome..beautiful rock and building

Bali is special because the girls are so good at carrying things with their head..
they can all sort of thing on their head,
clothes for sales, bracelet for sales and bla bla u name it u get it…
and this girl is goi to her village temple for a ceremony
with the offering on her head
their traditional costume is like our baju kebaya…

Bali is special because get really cheap traditional “urut” massage anywhere
you will suddenly found an old lady massage for you
beside the road when you’re resting
without asking your permission
and of coz you will need to pay her if u dun stop her…
but its really cheap…lts like RM5 for shoulder and back massage

Bali is special because you can dine at the seaside
the seafood is kinda normal but the environment is good…
there are plenty of restaurant along this beach

Bali is special because they still using this kinda bottle for soft drinks
and most of the door way look like the this…(background)

Bali is special because of their local food
B*bi Guiling since their are mostly Hinduism you can get B*bi anywhere…
and this is their famous B dishes..its kinda similar with our roast B
serve with other part of B and red rice

Bali is special because every restaurant serve this Bamboo shoots soup
we dun prefer the thickness of the soup
random picture of us before dining~

Bali is special because their strawberry is cheap and juicy
its nicer than wht we have in cameron…
We brought like half a kg for RM5 and we cant even finish it…

Bali is special because you can find a white clothes easily
there are lotsa shop in Bali selling only White clothes..
shirt, dress, pants, short..all in WHite!

Bali is special because you can do surfing!
they are plenty of surfing board selling and renting at the street..
lotsa surf coach and surf school…
he now can Surf!

Bali is special because you can carry a turtle…
and also eagle on your shoulder
and my picture with my brothers after years….

Bali is special for us because my dad can do shopping for 2 hours at the same shop
and we punish him by asking him to pay the bill for our ice-cream fests…

Bali is special because my dad do lotsa silly shot…
he is the one who request the balloon from the waitress
and showing off his new watch…

Bali is special because you can sleep or relax anywhere
my youngest sister repeating telling us
how good to stay like bali like this for like n times…

thx dad and mummy for this lovely trips..we enjoy it so much!!
thx God for the safe journey and blessing..
thx my brother and sisters for the good accompany..
looking forward for the next trip~

i’m BACK!!!!

Bali is great, good and fun!
i hv tons of picture to edit and upload
im trying to figure a way to make it “short sweet and sharp”..
but i hv to deal with fyp 1st..Vacation is OVER!!!
gotta make myself working!

stay tune~~
and dun forget me!

p.s: arh..pms is awful..painful..