My Customization..

sorry for lack of update
i have no mood to write !
coz im busy with the sims!!! back to sims world~
i love the sims because i enjoy customizing houses, “human”, city and their life
i like customizing to make smth different from others
changing one thing to be different to showing my own character!!

Customization 1
i show my room in >>earlier post<<
the room i stay for almost 2 goi 3 years…
i enjoy staying in my room coz everything is from my own allowance!!
buying, setting up furniture, positioning, wallpaper, everything~
even single simple things i wanna make it look ME
someone even ask me is this my actual room at my own home?
and no its my dorm room in uni and im gonna move out 2 months after…*sob*
sad to tell that i hv to share room with sister at home!!

Customization 2
what you see now!
my blog, i just enjoy changing things to my own style!!
although codding can sm times be vy frustrating
but i enjoy the outcome always!!!i can spend my own day just to deal with codding and html
just to have smth different from others!!!
know wht..this is my 6 version of blog template!!

Customization 3
my monitor is boring like anyone else have before
i change it to become like this!!!i actually wrap the side of the screen..haha
just formatted the its brain..malfunction due to lack of sleep(power off)hahha
i nid to download to off pc..haha
and i change my window themes…to….vista wanna be
but a pink one hahaa
so nice right!!!

Customization 3
other than codding and html i use wht i learn from my course
*screen and display interface*
i customize my own icon and screen design for my nintendo ds…
and also make myself and ney our very own hp theme!!
sorry for the back quality of picha..the design is base on our customize made couple tee..

not anything costume made..but the changes i often did to myself
guess wht? a new hair cut again after >>this<<
i dunno wht problem i hv with me..i just cant stand a hair style for not more than 2 month
how am my hair gonna be long before i graduate???
here a post i did for my hair revolution… another 4 hairstyle after the last one in that >>post<<
wht syndrome actually is this??wht wrong with me??
anyone got solution for me not goi to salon so often?
or how can hair grow faster??
again being vain with the new hairdo..
sorry my nose look big..haha..
discover better light source at my room for camwhore!!no much editing have to be done!!
haha..expect more of my stupid face in future~~
side view
fake view..haha my smile look so fake
i look sleepy

have to start packing!im goi to mission trip again..woohoo..tis is my last mission trip in mmu!! we’r goi to utar kampar this round..looking forward!!
God bless~ will miss you guys..muackx

7 thoughts on “My Customization..

  1. ashley: haha i nid long hair ler~~gonna buy hair extension soon hahhasteph: really??glad to heard that u love it too~me: sister~~i noe its u!! dun wan i still wan to sleep wif u!!


  2. kim, ur room so sweet and lovely.. u really got the time to maintain it.. 🙂 i think u sure like my hometown room alot, coz its exactly the same painting, and most of the stuff in my room also pink.. =.= sigh.. i want blue.. haha.. i terbalik with u, i want faster grad, so i can have my own room, having own room so syiok neh.. 😛 nice new hair style, quite suits u.. again, u really got the patient to maintain it.. haha.. gambateh ya 😀


  3. Joanne: haha i everyday stay in it mah… really ar??but y u like blue ur room at jb is pink ler??u din protest meh??next time let me c ya..keke..yalo single room better got own territory and privacy..:D im gonna miss all this 2 months later..huhuhu..:(


  4. coz that time i want blue, then my mum say if i take blue, my bro’s room no color to choose dy.. so i always like to stay in my bro’s room.. haha sampat leh.. then my sis prefer pink, pink looks more lady mah.. then i come kl, that room only my sis stay, so automatically most of the things become pink dy.. =.= but then she getting married soon, so it will be my own room soon too.. then that time i wanna change it back to blue, muahaha.. yaya.. i like privacy too.. sure i let u c, but is after i move back ya, now so messy, like store room, a pink store room.. 😛


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