sorry, i disappear after the last post i left to mersing..
im bz with my fyp presentation

so many things to be done in short time (yalah, i deserved it..i noe im lazy!)

i tot i quit of rushing assign overnight

but again i did it after almost a year..

i dun like tat kinda feeling, and i strongly believe that tis is the main reason i slim down 2 year ago

i slept in the morning almost everyday..

feeling wanna vomit and for sure ill go to toilet before go to bed

no appetite, cant finish anything even though the portion is small

coz ill feel like vomit when i eat half of the dish

and throw it to ney ney

tat’s nightmare!!!

thx God im back to normal thx to internship adjusting my life

now sleep is my intention to finish my work earlier

(haha..although i did it again yesterday)

and every time when come to rushing assign

my room will definitely turn out become like this!!




and this


no choice but have to clean it

as cleaning become a part of every assignment

another 2 more months!!


as im not gonna get job so soon..

i wanna rest can! so tired being a design student


another random post

P.s:gonna format my pc soon, pray for recover son

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