New toys….

i make myself so busy for this little raya break
not for assign of lazy as u noe
sat- church & habitue
sun- showpink bazaar, bangsar and mid valley shopping
mon- bring my pc to c doc at lowyat..she’s sick again!!getting serious~
today- photo shooting.. many things accept my fyp…

i got myself new toys!!!
so excited to share u..ekkeke
new toy
a pinkish ice-cream hp strap!! so cute right?the ice cream will light on when call in & out!
haha..guess wht is tis???
the interface look so nice with texture..
its a external hardisk!!! love it~~~

another 2 are my new d.i.y product!
haha..look wht i found vintage button!! from the shop i mention in my previous post
and a zara basic dark blue tee..

and this the result..i sew the button at 2 side of the sleeves
ya not much changes but with a vintage button will definitely bring a different feeling to the normal tee..

A new necklaces!
new toy2
the spec formally is a normal nerdy spec..
and i found i look so weird in the spec..and nvr ever wear it
DSC05134 ugly right!!coz the shape of the glass is not nerd at all
so i broke the both side of the glass
and connect it with a normal necklace
haha..and a little giraffe i thinks..that i get for my birthday
this is how it look when its being wore..
how do u think?

P.s: Help! tml goi mersing!!!Dad, can i stay at home with my sick pc!

3 thoughts on “New toys….

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