I LOVE IT from my heart

tis post is dedicate to neyney
who think i dun like the present he gift to me tis birthday
and im here to prove and tell tat
it true when i noe im getting a BOOK
from you tis year for my birthday im truly disappointed
even my not-so-close friend would’t give me a book as gift
because i dun like book apparently
me = book…its totally wrong equation k..
but i accept it at last for the sake of noe’ing u brought it for my own good
but im still not satisfied!!and asking for another gift….how greedy am i…

until u hand me tis BOOK
can u see the tiny little word there its not a normal book but its holy bible~
ya a bible..LIVE BIBLE (isn’t a book you just read,…you live it)
surprisingly i like it vy much..
its so different! its a designed bible!!!with lotsa nice photograph, quotes and they have tis ‘try this’ section asking you do some pratical to test your faith and lotsa more …
and most important the english is easy to understand…
i noe is not cheap to get this kinda study bible
for a person like me would rather spend that amount of money on clothes that’s not helping me grow in faith at all
how bad right..
ney noe me more than anyone else, that’s y he brought me this!!
i enjoy reading it so much
appreacite it!!thanks you~
it draw me closer everyday to God’s word..

What GOD gave ME

God gave me hands;
i use them to create a materpiece.
God gave me feet;
i use them to run toward Him.
God gave me ears;
i use them to hear the Truth.
God gave me a tongue;
i use it to spread the Word.
God gave me a mind;
i use it to choose between good and evil;
God gave me an angel;
i use them to guide me.
God gave me a heart;
i use it for love~

taken from the bible by Jessica Jones, 17~

to love is my biggest homework that God ask me to learn..
im trying day by day just to love people around me..
i luv u, God luv u too~~

3 thoughts on “I LOVE IT from my heart

  1. Ming: hhee..thx ney..luv yaMiss steph: thx, glad to heard u love it..i use photoshop to design the layout and sm of design is from brushes element..:D u can try it too..:D


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