D.I.Y (1)
everyone noe cyber’s food is..
cheap=not nice
expensive= not tat nice too..
so me n ney prefer to cook ourself unless we r too bz with assign or no more ingredient to cook
our current favorite!!!its easy, breezy, hahha..clover girl…ANTM!!
cycle 11 is out~~ my reality show every Friday
ok back to the topic its a package seaweed that make my life easier…
we come out our vy own recipe
this new product of seaweed u get it in any jusco outlet..for RM8.70 if im not mistaken
it come with various favorite..the one i brought is with olive oil and sesame..sound so healthy
at 1st we tot it kinda expensive for a package of snack..but the promoter aunty recommend us to match it with rice…as main meal…
and imagine we actually use this package of seaweed to match with rice for 3 meal u noe..is 3 not 1!! so RM8.70 divide to 3 is like RM2.90 for 2 person~~~~not adding the rice and others ingredient lar
the 1st day we mix it with 五香肉丁。。if u noe its a pork’s can food
its turn out so well…abit spicy from the pork and the crispiness of the seaweed..so match~~
ney say it taste like Korea rice dumpling…haha

then second try..tis time we match it
with egg, crab meat, hot dog, and bit fish ball..weird combination huh
its taste okay too…

and finally today
午餐肉and egg, seaweed again with rice..for today dinner…
its kinda dry though
but at least we settle our meal..since tat’s the main purpose…

well the prefer match of coz go with 五香肉丁!!!you should try it..but i think dun eat it continuously coz its might sick of the same old taste…since the seaweed can be store so u can take one week to finish it..just like us~~~

D.I.Y (2)

an idea inspired by dianari a girl talented creative style
redesign pants with zipper~~
accidentally discovered that the sewing shop at serdang got whole lotsa vintage stuff and accessory for add-on on clothes..they have those really old vintage gold button, brooch and whole lotsa treasure to discover!!!and everything is like so cheap…
i get myself a really good quality of golden zipper with black cloth background for only RM1.50 each..so for the mean time..im 1st redesign idea is on my high waist short…
actually this is a vy ordinary short that my mum brought for me few year back to wear it at home…indeed i nvr wore it until the high waist is in trend
forget to take a picture of it unfold..its kinda long to my knee length..if i wear it out just like tat u might think im kisiao..
and its now upgrade to one of my favorite short by folding it upward making it shorter and match it with a belt…its look just like a paper bag short..
see how much i luv it i even match it for Phlox’s photo shooting
so with the zipper i sew it both side of the pants
to fix the folding at the bottom which successfully bring more classy look to the pants
see…it match so well with my new belt!!!
haha..more more d.i.y coming in…

God bless~~

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