Etude House, Sunway (Part 2)

i found out that lotsa visitor come to my blog thru google search of etude,sunway order to get the check from nuffnang sooner
im gonna blog again for this hot seach!!ya the hits might not be a hot number for u but it is the highest for me among other search…*sob*

ya i did visit etude again few week ago
for tis vy dramatic liquid eyeliner
i mention i brought it in the previous etude post
but im too lucky to get a unfilled eyeliner mean without link in it
its empty can!!
so i go back to the shop and ask for exchange
they are friendly and agree to get me a new one
who noe i din bring it with me
ok fine!!decide to change it next week tough
and tis times i manage to bring and change a new one
and clearly rmb that i put it into my bag
but but but
after i gone out from the shop to toilet
i realise the eyeliner is again not with me!!!!
i just cant find it anywhr….even the sales girl rmb i put it in the just disappear like tat can!
only God knoe whr it gone…
and lastly ney brought me a new one
c how dramatic this eyeliner can be
ya it definitely give u dramatic eye, dry fast and dark enough and most important it last long!!!
ney love etude too..
he brought this set of black head 4 steps solution…
work quite well on him…
and get myself this powder pact
its come with shimmer function
with nice princess design!!
and ya im broke at last
but the salesgirl is so good!!she gives me lotsa freebies!!!and tester~~~
Secret Time Skin care tester
black head final kit, anna sui insipire comb, shower gel , lotion and sunblock tester!!!


P/s: i drive half of ney’s car to longkang today~~Sorry ney, and thanks to my coursemate who gives helpful hand for me today!!!thanks…

P/s/s:actually wanted to wht you wear everyday post..but im too lazy to take picture everytimes go to campus or out…tis the only 3 i get….

3 thoughts on “Etude House, Sunway (Part 2)

  1. sorry just wanna to know what shoes do u wearing >>>> in the photos thanks 🙂 want to buy back for my god sister in Bangkok….Ammie


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