i heart September

today is 1st of September!!!
how great!!for no reason..i just simply heart September
the most looking forward month for me

however it might not be a good month for u
coz terrorist attack US at september
taiwan biggest earthquake happen in september too…


i luv mooncake festival
hahhaa…*maybe lar*


coz im a september baby..*yeah*

got lotsa things to do but
imma goi to have at least one post 2 days in this special September~~~

oh ya brought a webcam
i look so stupid…
saw the 3rd pic???that my hourly routine…
wring my neck
that’s the price i paid sitting infront of pc without a proper sitting posture for years…
my dad say it is the most digraceful thing for a girl to do tat neck wring thingy…hhaha..
and the middle photo…i trim my eyebrow again all by myself…nice???
no nid to pay others to trim it…i even trim mummy’s eyebrow…she seem to quite satisfied with it!!!hhaha….
those who come to my workshop will provide free eyebrow trimming too!!!!if u trust my skills lar…kekke

i’m so random today~~~~

okies..back to work…haih..so sienz…
God bless….
Happy September’ing~~~

P/s: thanks sun sun and ashley lovely sms counting down my birthday~~~so sweet!!!!
can i have u two with me this year????

2 thoughts on “i heart September

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