New toys….

i make myself so busy for this little raya break
not for assign of lazy as u noe
sat- church & habitue
sun- showpink bazaar, bangsar and mid valley shopping
mon- bring my pc to c doc at lowyat..she’s sick again!!getting serious~
today- photo shooting.. many things accept my fyp…

i got myself new toys!!!
so excited to share u..ekkeke
new toy
a pinkish ice-cream hp strap!! so cute right?the ice cream will light on when call in & out!
haha..guess wht is tis???
the interface look so nice with texture..
its a external hardisk!!! love it~~~

another 2 are my new d.i.y product!
haha..look wht i found vintage button!! from the shop i mention in my previous post
and a zara basic dark blue tee..

and this the result..i sew the button at 2 side of the sleeves
ya not much changes but with a vintage button will definitely bring a different feeling to the normal tee..

A new necklaces!
new toy2
the spec formally is a normal nerdy spec..
and i found i look so weird in the spec..and nvr ever wear it
DSC05134 ugly right!!coz the shape of the glass is not nerd at all
so i broke the both side of the glass
and connect it with a normal necklace
haha..and a little giraffe i thinks..that i get for my birthday
this is how it look when its being wore..
how do u think?

P.s: Help! tml goi mersing!!!Dad, can i stay at home with my sick pc!

Selamat Hari Raya in advance


haha..i did this wallpaper for a competition last month
by not wasting the effort
reuse it here to wishes you guys
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri in advance..haha

imma gonna spend my raya break in mersing this year
with my grandma kinda long time since we last met..
im still struggle to go ornot coz im stuck with my FYP…
i dun really do my best….being lazy all this while…arh..*guiltiness*
Mr Khong had being so tolerant and good to us
but im just taking it as granted..
why am i like this…i cant graduate with this quality of work!!
God please help me with this..i wanna glorify you in my studies, Lord!!!

Happy Holiday~

p/s: the picha in my blog is getting better in quality and size(bigger) thx to flickr!!!

Phlox Studio Appreciation Dinner

Phlox Studio is set up for one of our university subject-Cyberprenueship
we did our presentation last week with a good compliment from our lecturer..
and decide to have an appreciate dinner after all the hard work..
as we are continuing it the dinner is also a motivation for us
to keep our passion on the business..
we went to Full house a newly open themed restaurant at niue che shui, pj
the place is nice of their interior design and environment…
of coz we do not waste the nice designed interior
me n neyney..he’s cute..
girls from 711…

we grab the chance of taking our new Phlox studio’s crew picha there~~
since we have our newly added phlox’er- Mimi
the bedroom and bathroom section..whr there sell accessories and clothes
family portraits style
pretend to be the display
the living room~


and a little birthday celebration for me..hehe
thanks guys..
happy three friends…haha..i rmb the name…:P thx for the gift..i love it~
we have our meeting too!!ahaha..come out with more interesting thingy to serve you better
see how much we love you..kekke
guess wht
we are bringing in more stuff!!!
new stock tonight!!!
stay tune~~
CLick cliCk!!

God bless~